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Rugby union in Jersey Les Quennevais Rugby Club Governing body Rugby Football Union National team Jersey First played late 19th century Clubs 8 Rugby union in Jersey is a popular sport. As such, it has no national competitive side of its own, and is not affiliated to the IRB in its own right. For this reason, it has no IRB ranking. Contents 1 Governing body 2 History 3 Broadcast media 4 Notable Jersey players 5 See also 6 References 7 External links // Governing body Rugby is played in Jersey under the auspices of the Jersey Rugby Association (JRA), which is a member of the (English) Rugby Football Union. History Due to its proximity to England and the major rugby nation of France, Jersey rugby is amongst the oldest in the world, dating back to the mid 19th century. A number of schools play the sport, especially the private ones. There are several rugby union clubs in the island including a rugby academy for under 18s and Les Quennevais Rugby Club. The Jersey Rugby Association (JRA) league has the following teams: Jersey 2nd XV[1] Jersey United Banks [2] Guernsey 2nd XV[3] Les Quennevais[4] Beeches Wanderers The Guernsey side, St. Jacques RUFC, which was founded in 1978 competes in the Jersey leagues. Like many small islands, Jersey has a population problem. The main sport is association football, and the national population is under 80,000. As yet, Jersey has not fielded a national team. Broadcast media Jersey has no television of its own but does have its own radio station. However, British and French television can both be received on the island, and often include extensive rugby coverage - such as the Rugby World Cup and Six Nations Championship. The ITV variant Channel Television sometimes includes rugby news. Notable Jersey players Fraser Waters, born Cape Town, and has played for England, attended St. Michael's Preparatory School on Jersey. See also The Lord Jersey Rugby Cup Rugby union in Guernsey References ^ ^ ^ ^ External links Guernsey vs Jersey Jersey RFC BBC's Jersey sports page v • d • e Rugby union in British dependencies Governing bodies Rugby Football Union • Bermuda RFU • BVIRFU  • CIRFU • Jersey Rugby Association • Manx RFU • St K & N RFU • T & C RFU National teams Bermuda • British Virgin Islands  • Cayman Islands (M W)  • By dependency Anguilla • Bermuda  • British Virgin Islands  • Cayman Islands • Falkland Islands • Gibraltar  • Guernsey (Sark)  • Jersey  • Isle of Man  • Montserrat  • St Helena  • St Kitt & Nevis  • Turk & Caicos Clubs Anguilla Eels RFC • Campo Gibraltar RFC • Manx rugby teams Related articles Bermuda Classic Tournament • NAWIRA  • Jeff Butterfield • The Lord Jersey Rugby Cup v • d • e Rugby union in Europe Sovereign states Albania · Andorra · Armenia1 · Austria · Azerbaijan1 · Belarus · Belgium · Bosnia and Herzegovina · Bulgaria · Croatia · Cyprus1 · Czech Republic · Denmark · Estonia · Finland · France · Georgia1 · Germany · Greece · Hungary · Iceland · Ireland · Italy · Kazakhstan2 · Latvia · Liechtenstein · Lithuania · Luxembourg · Macedonia · Malta · Moldova · Monaco · Montenegro · Netherlands · Norway · Poland · Portugal · Romania · Russia2 · San Marino · Serbia · Slovakia · Slovenia · Spain · Sweden · Switzerland · Turkey2 · Ukraine · United Kingdom (England • Northern Ireland • Scotland • Wales) States with limited recognition Abkhazia1 · Kosovo · Nagorno-Karabakh Republic1 · Northern Cyprus1 · South Ossetia1 · Transnistria Dependencies, other territories Adjara · Akrotiri and Dhekelia1 · Åland · Azores · Faroe Islands · Gagauzia · Gibraltar · Guernsey · Jan Mayen · Jersey · Madeira · Isle of Man · Nakhchivan1 · Svalbard · Vojvodina 1 Partially or entirely in Asia, depending on the border definitions. 2 Transcontinental country. This article about the Bailiwick of Jersey is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e