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Piper McLean The Heroes of Olympus character First appearance The Lost Hero Information Gender Female Species Demigod Immortal Parent Aphrodite Abilities Charmspeaking Weapon(s) Katoptris Piper McLean is a fictional character and one of the three protagonists in Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus book series, the sequel to the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. She first appears in The Lost Hero, the first novel of the series, as a fifteen year-old undetermined demigod who attends the Wilderness School, a boarding school for delinquent teenagers. After getting attacked by a group of storm spirits, Piper learns that she is a demigod, as are her friends Jason Grace and Leo Valdez. They are then escorted to Camp Half-Blood, a sanctuary for Greek demigods, where she is claimed to be the daughter of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.[1] Contents 1 Background 2 Appearances 2.1 The Lost Hero 3 Characterization 3.1 Physical appearance 3.2 Personality 3.3 Abilities and Powers 3.4 Weapons 3.5 Romance 4 References 5 External links Background Piper is the demigod daughter of Aphrodite and Tristan McLean, a famous mainstream Hollywood movie star of Cherokee descent. There is only one problem with Piper's character. Resentful of her father's busy filming schedule, Piper acts out. She is sent to the Wilderness School soon after stealing a BMW, though Piper argues many times that she never stole the car, but simply talked the dealer into lending it to her. Piper keeps her head down at the Wilderness School, concealing her famous father's identity and opting for a plain, tomboyish style. At the start of the series, Piper believes Jason to be her boyfriend, though she later learns from Annabeth Chase that the Mist caused her to have fake memories.[1] Appearances The Lost Hero Piper makes her first appearance in The Lost Hero (2010) as a student of the Wilderness School, a boarding school for delinquent teenagers. She and her class are on the school bus for a field trip to the Grand Canyon. She is holding hands with Jason Grace, who she believes is her boyfriend. After getting attacked by a group of storm spirits, Piper, Jason, and Leo are escorted to Camp Half-Blood, where Piper is claimed to be the daughter of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She becomes devastated when she is told that her romantic relationship with Jason was a fake memory due to the manipulation of the Mist, and she embarks on a quest to save Hera with Jason and Leo after Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the current Oracle of Delphi, gives Jason a prophecy that advises him to choose Piper and Leo as his companions.[1] Characterization Physical appearance In the series, Piper is described as a "seriously pretty" girl of Cherokee descent, with chocolate brown hair that is at first cut choppy and uneven, and eyes that change color like a kaleidoscope between brown, blue, and green. Her skin color is between Native American and white. She does not try to look attractive; she even purposefully cuts her hair unevenly and does not wear makeup. She also wears simple clothes and is often seen wearing a simple pair of hiking boots, faded jeans, and her favorite snowboarding jacket. After being claimed by Aphrodite, Piper is given a blessing that makes her look even more beautiful. Her hair turns thick, long, and lush, braided with gold ribbons so it falls across one shoulder; she is given makeup and a beautiful white sleeveless Greek dress that goes down to her ankles and has a low V-neck. She often uses her beauty and charismatic voice to distract enemies. Later during her quest, after her mother "fixes" her up again, she is dressed in a turquoise dress with black leggings and black leather boots, as well as her snowboarding jacket, which she says "went surprisingly well with the outfit". Personality Unlike most other children of Aphrodite, Piper is seen as a tomboy. She is careless of her looks, and acts much more aggressive and down-to-earth than her siblings. Before she is claimed by Aphrodite, Piper expresses that she wants to be the daughter of Athena or even a Hunter of Artemis (until she discovers that they are not allowed to date). Though she is aware that her romantic relationship with Jason is fake due to the manipulation of the Mist, she is still extremely protective of Jason, and expresses slightly violent behavior towards anybody who flirts with him. She can hold herself against monsters. By the end of The Lost Hero, Piper shows that being a daughter of Aphrodite is about being loving and spreading beauty. She is a vegetarian. Piper is cute and lovable but also dangerous. She is very caring and loving towards Jason, and is frightened, sad, and angry at anything that may pose a threat to her bond with him, such as when Drew claims that Piper needs to break his heart for her initiation as a child of Aphrodite.[1] Abilities and Powers Piper is gifted with the ability to charmspeak, a magical speaking ability that allows her to successfully persuade others. According to some of her demigod siblings, she has one of the strongest charmspeaking abilities in their cabin. Piper can also speak fluent French, the language of love. She, and all other Camp Half-Blood members (except Jason Grace, who was claimed by the Roman aspect of Zeus and can speak Latin), can read and speak Greek.[1] Weapons Piper's chosen protective tool, Katoptris, is a ceremonial knife, sheathed in black leather. It is useful in battle, and is a symbol of power and status. The knife was originally a wedding present to Helen of Troy, and when looked upon, can show much more than the holder's reflection. It has a handle of polished wood, and a gleaming bronze blade. Although the dagger is mostly ceremonial, Piper fights with it on numerous occasions.[1] Romance Although the Mist initially tricks Piper into believing that Jason Grace is her boyfriend, Piper remains protective of Jason and jealous toward girls who flirt with him. At the end of The Lost Hero, she confronts one such girl, Drew, and declares that Jason Grace is "hers". She could see possibilities with her having a true relationship. However, she is unaware that Jason is starting to remember a girl named Reyna, someone that Jason feels is very important to but can't remember why. References ^ a b c d e f Riordan, Rick (12 October 2010). The Lost Hero. The Heroes of Olympus. Disney Hyperion. ISBN 9781423113393. 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