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Degrassi: The Next Generation (season 5) Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 5 DVD Digipak Country of origin Canada Network CTV (Canada) ZigZap (Poland) The N (U.S.) Original run 19 September 2005 (2005-09-19) – 20 March 2006 (2006-03-20) No. of episodes 19 DVD release date 3 July 2007 (Fullscreen, Boxset) Previous season 4 Next season 6 The fifth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation commenced airing in Canada on 19 September 2005, concluded on 20 March 2006 and contains nineteen episodes. Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian serial teen drama television series. It continues to depict the lives of a group of high school sophomores, juniors and seniors as they deal with the some of the challenges and issues teenagers face such as such as pregnancy, religion, disability, stealing, bulimia, sexual identity, and drug abuse. Filming took place between May 2005 and November 2005.[1] Season five aired Mondays at 8:30 p.m. on CTV, a Canadian terrestrial television network. In the United States, it was broadcast at 8:00 p.m. on The N, a digital cable network aimed at teenagers and young adults. The season was released on DVD as a three disc boxed set on 3 July 2007 by Alliance Atlantis Home Entertainment in Canada, and by FUNimation Entertainment in the U.S. Registered users of the Canadian and U.S. iTunes Stores are also able purchase and download the season for playback on home computers and certain iPods.[2] The fifth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation was the most successful season to date, averaging 767,000 viewers in Canada, and had one episode watched by a million viewers. It received praise for its depiction of a relationship between two gay characters, but mixed reviews for highlighting the issue of anorexia and bulimia in teenage girls. Contents 1 Cast 2 Crew 3 Reception 4 Episodes 5 DVD release 6 References 7 Notes 8 External links // Cast The fifth season had twenty actors receive star billing. Continuing in their roles from the previous season, the students were portrayed by Sarah Barrable-Tishauer as Liberty Van Zandt, Lauren Collins as Paige Michalchuk, Ryan Cooley as James Tiberius "J.T." Yorke, Jake Epstein who portrayed Craig Manning, Stacey Farber as Ellie Nash, Jake Goldsbie as Toby Isaacs, Aubrey Graham as Jimmy Brooks, Shane Kippel as Gavin "Spinner" Mason, Andrea Lewis as Hazel Aden, Miriam McDonald as Emma Nelson, Adamo Ruggiero as Marco Del Rossi, and Cassie Steele as Manuela "Manny" Santos.[3] As the adults in the series, Stefan Brogren played the part of Archie "Snake Simpson, Pat Mastroianni acted as Joey Jeremiah, and Amanda Stepto played Spike Nelson. Stacie Mistysyn also received star billing as Caitlin Ryan for the entire season, although she only appeared in one episode.[4] The four adult actors had played the same characters in Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High, two of the preceding series in the Degrassi franchise.[5] Mike Lobel, Deanna Casaluce, and Melissa DiMarco (as Jay Hogart, Alex Nuñez, and Daphne Hatzilakos respectively) were promoted from recurring cast members to regular cast members. Jamie Johnston was cast as Peter Stone.[6] Returning in their recurring roles were John Bregar as Dylan Michalchuk, Shenae Grimes as Darcy Edwards, Dalmar Abuzeid as Danny Van Zandt, Alex Steele as Angela Jeremiah, Linlyn Lue as Ms. Kwan, and Jennifer Podemski as Ms. Sauve.[7] Marc Donato was introduced as Derek Haig.[8] Film director Kevin Smith and actor Jason Mewes returned to the show for two episodes when they guest starred as exaggerated versions of themselves (for example Kevin is portrayed as being unmarried and childless). The episodes depict the premiere of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!, a fictional feature film in the View Askewniverse series that used Degrassi Community School as a filming location during season four.[9] The scenes Alanis Morissette had filmed in season four to play the film's school principal were replayed as part of the film at the premiere.[10] Crew The season was produced by Epitome Pictures in association CTV. Funding was provided by The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit, the Canadian Television Fund and BCE-CTV Benefits, The Shaw Television Broadcast Fund, the Independent Production Fund, Mountain Cable Program, and RBC Royal Bank.[11][12] The executive producers were Epitome Pictures' president Stephen Stohn, and CEO Linda Schuyler, the co-creator of the Degrassi franchise. James Hurst served as the creative producer, David Lowe was the line producer and Sean Reycraft served as the executive story editor. Brendon Yorke and Alexandra Zarowny served as story editors. The editor was Stephen Withrow, Stephen Stanley was the production designer, and the cinematographer was Gavin Smith.[12] The writers for the season were Avra Fein, James Hurst, Aaron Martin, Miklos Perlus, Sean Reycraft, Shelley Scarrow, Brendon Yorke and Alexandra Zarowny. Phil Earnshaw, Eleanore Lindo, Ron Oliver and Stefan Scaini directed the episodes.[12][13] Reception The fifth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation had an audience average of 767,000 viewers,[14] had an increase of twenty-four per cent over the previous season, and was Canada's most watched Canadian drama series.[15] The second episode of the season was watched by over one million Canadian viewers; it was the first time the series had reached that figure.[15] A two-part episode, aired to coincide with the Canadian National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, earned mixed reviews.[16] Laura Betker of the Winnipeg Sun said "Thankfully, the show moves far away from the health-class ideal that anorexia and bulimia simply stem from self-conscious teens. Rather, it displays it as the ugly disease that it truly is... All aspects of the story were done well. The plot was realistic. The display of the disease was truthful and progressive, while the acting was at an all time high... Miriam McDonald's performance was phenomenal. [She] performs with strength and credibility."[17] Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun criticized the episodes' "ham-fisted handling of anorexia" and wrote: "It’s just that, well, the Degrassi foray, while well-intentioned, leaves you hungry for a fresh insight, some relevant information, a compelling storyline, good writing, believable dialogue, anything." Harris even went as far as saying, "That Degrassi episode was so bad it made me want to throw up."[18] The show's treatment of the gay characters avoids being heavy handed or reducing their characters to little more than clichéd archetypes, such as the ‘tragic' one, or the ‘funny side kick', or the ‘bitchy' one. Nor are these characters just the colourful friends and unpaid therapists of the straight girl. As much as we all love the antics of Jack on Will and Grace, Degrassi has a broader vision, less about the stereotype and more about the realities of growing up gay. This depiction is certainly pink, but without being rose colored. — Jake Surette,, April 24, 2006.[19] Other storylines were well received, however., a website which focuses on the portrayal of homosexual and bisexual men in the media, and owned by MTV Networks' Logo cable television network, reported on the portrayal of two Degrassi: The Next Generation gay characters. "Degrassi features ongoing stories of real-life teen dilemmas—including intense gay and lesbian storylines—and does it without the righteous, 'On a Very Special Blossom' endings that many teen dramas and sitcoms thrive on."[19] The Gonzaga Bulletin, the student newspaper for Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, reported on the show's popularity amongst its students.[20] Despite being well received by audiences and the generally good reviews, season five received only two nominations for awards. At the Gemini Awards, Jim McGrath won the category for "Best Original Music Score for a Dramatic Series".[21] The younger members of the cast were nominated for a Young Artist Award in the "Best Young Ensemble Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama)" category.[22] Episodes In a change to previous seasons, CTV broadcast episodes one and two over two weeks, as opposed to an hour-long special.[23] In the U.S., The N did broadcast the episodes as an hour-long special, on 7 October 2005.[24] The N proceeded to broadcast the next ten episodes, and then put the season on hiatus until 7 April 2006, when it returned with another hour-long special. Episode # Series # Title Canadian airdate U.S. airdate Production code 1 82 "Venus" Part One  19 September 2005 7 October 2005 501 Anxious to pursue an acting career, Manny visits a casting agent who tells her to "dump the lumps." She considers getting a liposuction and a breast augmentation, but when her father finds out, he calls her a loose girl and a slut. Manny's father kicks her out and she decides to live with Emma for a while. Upset, she goes to a party with new guy Peter Stone, where she proceeds to get drunk. Desperate to be popular and liked, she flashes her breasts at Peter, who films it on his video camera. Meanwhile, it's Craig's birthday, and his friends decide to hide that fact that Ashley has a new boyfriend and is staying in England. Spinner returns to Degrassi but is still an outcast to all his friends for his actions that resulted in getting Jimmy shot.  2 83 "Venus" Part Two  26 September 2005 7 October 2005 502 When Manny refuses to date Peter, he releases his video of her to the entire school, which causes Paige to throw her off the Spirit Squad, and her parents to throw her out of the house, permanatly. Ellie becomes Downtown Sasquatch's new drummer, and Emma and Manny find out that Principal Hatzilakos is Peter's mother.  3 84 "Death of a Disco Dancer"  3 October 2005 14 October 2005 503 Paige has her entire future mapped out until boyfriend Matt returns a changed man and throws things into chaos. Things go from bad to worse when she smokes weed with Alex and has to interview for Banting University stoned. Derek gives Jimmy problems as he plays around during basketball practice.  4 85 "Foolin'"  10 October 2005 21 October 2005 504 J.T. thinks his life could not be better until he learns Liberty is pregnant. He finally has enough of her controlling ways when she humiliates him in front of his friends and they break up. Spinner makes a friend in Darcy, who takes him to her Friendship Club.  5 86 "Weddings, Parties, Anything"  17 October 2005 4 November 2005 505 Downtown Sasquatch has a wedding gig, but things get complicated when Manny and Ellie vie for Craig's attention. Joey has a date with the bride's sister, but wonders if he's too old for her when he overhears her friends gossipping about him.  6 87 "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"  24 October 2005 11 November 2005 506 At his father's urging, Jimmy tries out for the National Wheelchair Sports Association's Junior Basketball Team, but while he wants to concentrate on his art, his father keeps pressuring him to succeed in the sport. J.T. and Liberty beg Danny not to tell anyone that Liberty's pregnant.  7 88 "Turned Out" Part One  31 October 2005 18 November 2005 507 J.T. and Liberty tell her parents she is pregnant and that they plan on living together, but with no income, J.T. resorts to stealing prescription drugs and selling them to a drug dealer. Emma, tired of being single and a "third wheel" to Manny and Craig, decides to go on a date with Derek, but she really wants to be with Peter, all the while knowing it would upset her best friend.  8 89 "Turned Out" Part Two  7 November 2005 2 December 2005 508 J.T.'s life becomes complicated when he becomes tangled in a web between his boss, the drug dealer and the police. Liberty finds out what he did and tells him she wants nothing more to do with him. Realizing how much of a hole he had dug himself in, he overdoses on painkillers on purpose. Meanwhile Spike has trouble accepting Snake's mid-life crisis when he buys himself a motorbike.  9 90 "Tell It to My Heart"  14 November 2005 9 December 2005 509 Marco helps Tim come out to his parents, but when he finds out Marco's still in the closet, Marco comes to the realization that has to finally tell his father. Emma's growing relationship with Peter could spell the end of her friendship with Manny.  10 91 "Redemption Song"  21 November 2005 16 December 2005 510 With the one year anniversary of the school shooting approaching, the students are trying to deal with it in different ways. Spinner's relationship with Darcy is going well, but Jay nearly ruins it by telling her she should have sex with Spinner if she wants to keep dating him. Jimmy faces a tough decision on what direction he should take in his life, and as he gets closer to Ellie, Hazel starts to get jealous.  11 92 "The Lexicon of Love" Part One  28 November 2005 7 April 2006 511 At the premiere of Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh!, Paige and Alex discover they enjoy each others' company a lot more than they probably should. When they kiss, Paige struggles to deal with her feelings. Emma, on a date with her new secret boyfriend, discovers another secret couple at the premiere.  12 93 "The Lexicon of Love" Part Two  5 December 2005 7 April 2006 512 Kevin Smith helps a confused Paige come to terms with her sexuality and her feelings for Alex. Emma feels compelled to tell her mom she saw Snake and Ms. Hatzilakos together, and gets him thrown out of the house.  13 94 "Together Forever"  12 December 2005 14 April 2006 513 Craig and the band may finally have a shot at a record deal, but for Craig it means leaving Toronto behind. Liberty refuses to slow down in the last stages of her pregnancy, which causes her to go into an early labour.  14 95 "I Against I"  30 January 2006 21 April 2006 514 Spinner tries to redeem himself and improve his life, and Marco becomes the first person to forgive him. The members of the Friendship Club put Spinner in a difficult position when they reveal their feelings about homosexuality, which threatens Spinner and Marco's regained friendship. On the third anniversary of Spike and Snake's wedding, Caitlin and Liz O'Rourke return to cheer her up.  15 96 "Our Lips Are Sealed" Part One  20 February 2006 5 May 2006 515 With Snake out of the house, Emma can feel her family falling apart, and decides the only thing she can control is her and Manny's diet regime. When she discovers a new way of losing weight through vomiting, she ends up fainting in the school hall. Snake makes an attempt to reconcile with Spike.  16 97 "Our Lips Are Sealed" Part Two  27 February 2006 12 May 2006 516 Emma finds it difficult to keep her relationship with Peter a secret from Manny. When Manny confronts her about the way she's been purging and avoiding meals, Emma finally tells Manny about her new boyfriend, putting them both at odds. After Peter becomes wise to Emma's eating habits he decides that she needs help, and along with Manny and the newly reunited Spike and Snake, hold an intervention that has terrible results. Meanwhile, Alex and Hazel try to get along for Paige's sake.  17 98 "Total Eclipse of the Heart"  6 March 2006 19 May 2006 517 Marco is interested in the prospect of a new romance, but when Dylan comes back into his life and he realizes their relationship might not be over. Liberty is overcome with guilt over giving up her baby for adoption after discovering the family is moving to Seattle, Washington.  18 99 "High Fidelity" Part One  13 March 2006 2 June 2006 518 Spinner lies to Darcy about being a virgin, but when she finds out the truth about him and Manny, her jealousy and upset over being deceived leads to the break-up of their relationship. Meanwhile, Paige and Alex's relationship comes to an end when Paige becomes too controlling. Spinner seeks solace with ex-girlfriend Paige, and Alex finds comfort with Jay.  19 100 "High Fidelity" Part Two  20 March 2006 9 June 2006 519 Jimmy is told he has to repeat his senior year after missing too much school while recovering from being shot and paralyzed. Ashley returns to Degrassi and Jimmy begins to feel like a whole man around her. Paige tells Spinner that their night together was a one-time thing, and after making peace with Jimmy, he realizes the mistake he has made with Darcy. The Class of 2006 graduates.  DVD release The DVD release of season five was released by Alliance Atlantis Home Entertainment in Canada, and by FUNimation Entertainment in the U.S. on 3 July 2007 after it had completed broadcast on television. As well as every episode from the season, the DVD release features bonus material including deleted scenes, bloopers and behind-the-scenes featurettes. The Complete Fifth Season Set details[25] Special features[25] 19 director's cut episodes 4-disc set 1.33:1 aspect ratio Languages: English (Dolby Digital 5.1) Deleted scenes Blooper reel Original cast auditions Interview with Cassie Steele Character and cast biographies Degrassi yearbook MADD Public Service Announcements Simple Plan music video and interview Release dates[25]  Canada  United States 3 July 2007 References ^ City of Toronto Film and Television Office (2006-01-16). "2005 Production List" (PDF). City of Toronto. p. 18. Retrieved 2008-03-24.  ^ Epitome Pictures. "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (Note: Requires iTunes software). The N. iTunes Store. Retrieved 2008-02-06.  ^ Ellis, pp. 52–3, 56–59, 62–75, 78–81 ^ "I Against I". Brendon Yorke (story); Aaron Martin (story); James Hurst (teleplay); Stefan Sciani (director). Degrassi: The Next Generation. CTV. 2006-01-30. No. 14, season 5. ^ Ellis, pp.42–49 ^ Grewal, San (2005-07-12). "Class Act". Toronto Star (Torstar).  ^ Ellis, pp. 86–87, 89–90 ^ "Death of a Disco Dancer". Sean Reycraft (writer); Stefan Sciani (director). Degrassi: The Next Generation. CTV. 2005-10-03. No. 3, season 5. ^ View Askew Productions (2005-07-12). "Actor/Writer/Director Kevin Smith guests stars on three-part season finale of The N’s Degrassi: The Next Generation". Press release. Retrieved 2008-02-16.  ^ "The Lexicon of Love Part One". Sean Reycraft (story, teleplay); Kate Miles Melville (story); Phil Earnshaw (director). Degrassi: The Next Generation. CTV. 2005-11-28. No. 11, season 5. ^ "Rocket Fuelled Projects 2005". Shaw Rocket Fund. 2005. Archived from the original on 2007-12-01. Retrieved 2007-10-21.  ^ a b c Linda Schuyler (co-creator, co-executive producer); Yan Moore (co-creator); Stephen Stohn (co-executive producer). (2007-07-03). Degrassi: The Next Generation - Season 5 DVD Boxset. [DVD]. Alliance Atlantis Home Entertainment.  ^ Ellis, p. 96 ^ Bailey, Patricia (2007-03-27). "CTV ups its order for Degrassi". Playback (Toronto, Ontario: Brunico Communications). Retrieved 2008-03-30.  ^ a b CTV (2006-03-16). "Degrassi: The Next Generation 100th episode". Press release. Retrieved 2008-03-29.  ^ "Eating Disorder Awareness Week: February 5 - 11, 2006". National Eating Disorder Information Centre. Archived from the original on 2006-02-19. Retrieved 2008-03-29.  ^ Betker, Laura (2006-02-21). "Degrassi: Our lips are sealed" (Note: Fee required). Winnipeg Sun. Sun Media Corporation. Retrieved 2008-03-29. [dead link] ^ Harris, Bill (2006-02-19). "'Degrassi' tackles the issue of anorexia". Quebecor Media. Retrieved 2008-03-29.  ^ a b Surette, Jake (2006-04-24). "Degrassi: The Next Generation: Television's Best Portrayal of Gay Teens". Retrieved 2008-03-29.  ^ Shea, Nick (2006-02-17). "TV's 'Degrassi' finds adult following". Gonzaga Bulletin (Spokane, Washington: Gonzaga University). Retrieved 2008-03-29.  ^ "ACCT Canadian Awards Database History Search for "Degrassi, 2006"". Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television. Retrieved 2008-03-29.  ^ "27th Annual Young Artist Awards". Young Artist Awards. Retrieved 2008-03-28.  ^ (2005-09-01). "Award-winning franchise celebrates 25th Anniversary as original CTV documentary The Degrassi Story is set to air Sept. 17". Press release. Retrieved 2008-02-08.  ^ PR Newswire (2005-09-13). "The N Celebrates the 25th Anniversary Of Degrassi". Press release. Retrieved 2008-02-08.  ^ a b c "Degrassi: The Next Generation - Season 5". Retrieved 2008-03-29.  Notes Ellis, Kathryn (September 2005). Degrassi: Generations - The Official 411. New York, NY: Pocket Books. ISBN 978-1-4165-1680-4  External links Book:Seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation Books are collections of articles that can be downloaded or ordered in print. Season 5 episode synopses at CTV Television Network List of Degrassi: The Next Generation episodes at IMDB. 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