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Phnom Srok ស្រុកភ្នំស្រុក —  District (srok)  — The Sarus Crane Map showing the location of the district within Banteay Meanchey Province. Phnom Srok Location in Cambodia Coordinates: 13°47′N 103°10′E / 13.783°N 103.167°E / 13.783; 103.167 Country  Cambodia Province Banteay Meanchey Communes 6 Villages 55 Government  - Governor Mr. Kim Chhoung Population (1998)[1]  - Total 45,251 Time zone +7 Geocode 0103 Phnom Srok District (Khmer: ស្រុកភ្នំស្រុក) is a district (srok) in the east of Banteay Meanchey Province, in north-western Cambodia. The district capital is Phnom Srok town located around 52 kilometres north east of the provincial capital of Sisophon by road. Phnom Srok District is the eastern-most district of Banteay Meanchey. The district shares a border with both Siem Reap Province and Oddar Meanchey Province to the east. There are no major roads within the district and it is quite isolated.[2] The district can be accessed by road from Sisophon (52 km) or Siem Reap (city) (70 km). Though there are no major roads, numerous tertiary roads run through from the district centre to the nearby districts of Kralanh, Chong Kal, Svay Chek and Preah Net Preah. The district encompasses significant wetlands and the large Democratic Kampuchea era reservoir of Ang Trapaing Thmor. Due to its relative isolation, these wetlands are home to numerous rare and endangered bird species and 10,000 hectares within the district has been declared a nature reserve for the preservation of these species.[3] Contents 1 Ang Trapaing Thmor 2 Location 3 Administration 4 Demographics 5 References 6 External links // Ang Trapaing Thmor Located in the centre of the district, the Ang Trapaing Thmor Crane Sanctuary is a protected area which was gazetted on the 1st of January, 1999. The sanctuary covers an area of 10,250 hectares and is found at 13° 52' 7"N, 103° 18' 4"E.[4] The reserve was set aside to protect the rare Eastern Sarus Crane (Grus antigone sharpii). Prior to the discovery of the crane at Trapaing Thmor, there were thought to be fewer than 1,000 of the birds left alive in the world.[5] Location Phnom Srok district lies in the east of the province and shares a border with Siem Reap and Oddar Meanchey Provinces. Reading from the north clockwise, Phnom Srok borders with Banteay Ampil and Chong Kal districts of Oddar Meanchey province to the north. The eastern border of the district is shared with Srei Snam and Kralanh districts of Siem Reap province. The Sreng River also forms part of the district boundary towards the east. To the south the district shares a border with Preah Net Preah District of Banteay Meanchey. The western border of the district joins with Svay Chek and Thmor Pouk districts also of Banteay Meanchey.[6] Administration Mr. Kim Chhoung is the Governor of Phnom Srok district.[7] He reports to His Excellency Oung Ouen, the Governor of Banteay Meanchey. The following table shows the villages of Phnom Srok district by commune. Khum (Communes) Phum (Villages) Nam Tau Rongvean, Thmei Khang Tboung, Thmei Khang Cheung, Kouk Yeang, Kouk Chas, Chrab, Kantuot, Nam Tau, Pongro, Samraong, Khnang, Thnong Khang Tboung, Thnong Khang Cheung, Slaeng, Ta Kong, Yeang Otdam, Ampel Kaong, Kung Seim Paoy Char Paoy Snuol, Paoy Char, Trapeang Thma Tboung, Trapeang Thma Cheung, Trapeang Thma Kandal, Paoy Ta Ong, Sambuor, Pongro Phnom Dei Phnom Dei, Ponley, Kouk Seh, Thnal Dach, Bos Sbov, Trapeang Prei, Kamping Puoy, Spean Kmeng, Trang, Khchay Ponley Ta Vong, Ponley, Svay Sa, Svay Khmau, Kouk Ta Sokh, Pou Roam Bon Spean Sraeng Rouk Mukh Chhneang, Spean, Kouk Char, Kandaol, Pongro Srah Chik Moat Srah, Srah Chhuk Khang Lech, Srah Chik, Kouk Kraol, Kouk Rumchek, Kouk Ta Reach, Kandal Khang Lech, Kandal Khang Kaeut, Srah Chhuk Khang Kaeut Demographics The district is subdivided into 6 communes (khum) and 55 villages (phum).[8] According to the 1998 Census, the population of the district was 45,251 persons in 8,675 households in 1998. This population consisted of 21,768 males (48.1%) and 23,483 females (51.9%). With a population of over 45,000 people, Phnom Srok has one of the smallest district populations in Banteay Meanchey province. Only Malai District is smaller. The average household size in Phnom Srok is 5.2 persons per household, which is exactly the same as the rural average for Cambodia (5.2 persons). The sex ratio in the district is 92.7%, with slightly more females than males.[9] References ^ General Population Census of Cambodia, 1998: Village Gazetteer. National Institute of Statistics. February, 2000. pp. 4–5.  ^ Total Road Atlas of Cambodia 2006 (3rd edition ed.). Total Cambodge. 2006. pp. 32.  ^ Cambodia Road Network (Version 03-00 ed.). Ministry of Public Works and Transport. 2001.  ^ "World Database on Protected Areas". World Commission on Protected Areas. Retrieved 2009-02-22.  ^ "Khmer Rouge dam refuge for endangered bird". ABC News. Tuesday, 25 May 1999. Retrieved 2009-02-22.  ^ "Banteay Meanchey Provincial Resources". Ministry of Commerce. Retrieved 2009-02-15. [dead link] ^ "STATE FOREST CLEARED". Corruption Monitor. Rasmei Kampuchea. Issue 8 - July 2008. pp. 3. Retrieved 2009-02-22.  ^ "Banteay Meanchey Administration". Royal Government of Cambodia. Retrieved 2009-01-22.  ^ General Population Census of Cambodia, 1998: Village Gazetteer. National Institute of Statistics. February, 2000. pp. 1–15.  External links Banteay Meanchey at Royal Government of Cambodia website Banteay Meanchey at the Ministry of Commerce website v • d • e Banteay Meanchey Province Capital: Sisophon Mongkol Borei District Banteay Neang  · Bat Trang  · Chamnaom  · Kouk Ballangk  · Koy Maeng · Ou Prasat · Phnum Touch · Rohat Tuek  · Ruessei Kraok  · Sambuor  · Soea  · Srah Reang  · Ta Lam Phnum Srok District Nam Tau · Paoy Char  · Phnum Dei  · Ponley · Spean Sraeng Rouk · Srah Chik Preah Netr Preah District Chhnuor · Chob · Phnum Lieb · Prasat Char · Preah Netr · Rohal Rohal  · Tean Kam · Tuek Chour Smach Ou Chrov District Changha · Koub · Kuttasat  · Nimitt · Ou Bei Choan · Paoy Paet · Samraong · Soengh · Souphi Serei Saophoan District Bos Sbov · Kampong Svay · Kaoh Pong Satv · Mkak · Ou Ambel · Phniet · Preah Ponlea · Tuek Thla Svay Chek District Phkoam  · Roluos · Sarongk · Sla Kram · Svay Chek · Ta Baen · Ta Phou  · Treas Thma Puok District Banteay Chhmar · Kouk Kakthen · Kouk Romiet  · Kumru · Phum Thmei · Thma Puok Malai District Boeng Beng · Malai · Ou Sampor · Ou Sralau · Ta Kong · Tuol Pongro v • d • e Districts of Cambodia Urban: Kep  · Damnak Chang'aeur  · Kep  · Pailin:  · Pailin  · Sala Krau  · Phnom Penh: · Chamkarmon  · Dangkor  · Daun Penh  · Meanchey  · Prampir Makara  · Russei Kaev  · Toul Kork  · Sihanoukville:  · Mittakpheap  · Prey Nob  · Stueng Hav Banteay Meanchey Mongkol Borei  · Phnom Srok  · Preah Netr Preah  · Ou Chrov  · Serei Saophoan · Thma Puok  · Svay Chek  · Malai Battambang Banan  · Thma Koul  · Battambang  · Bavel  · Ek Phnom  · Moung Ruessei  · Rotanak Mondol  · Sangkae  · Samlout  · Sampov Loun  · Phnum Proek  · Kamrieng  · Koas Krala Kampong Cham Batheay  · Chamkar Leu  · Cheung Prey  · Dambae  · Kampong Cham  · Kampong Siem  · Kang Meas  · Koh Sotin  · Krouch Chhmar  · Memot  · Ou Reang Ov  · Ponhea Kraek  · Prey Chhor  · Srey Santhor  · Stueng Trang  · Tbuong Kmoum Kampong Chhnang Baribour  · Chol Kiri  · Kampong Chhnang  · Kampong Leaeng  · Kampong Tralach  · Rolea B'ier  · Sameakki Mean Chey  · Tuek Phos Kampong Speu Basedth  · Chbar Mon  · Kong Pisei  · Aoral  · Odongk  · Phnom Sruoch  · Samraong Tong  · Thpong Kampong Thom Baray  · Kampong Svay  · Stueng Saen  · Prasat Balangk  · Prasat Sambour  · Sandaan  · Santuk  · Stoung Kampot Angkor Chey  · Banteay Meas  · Chhuk  · Chum Kiri  · Dang Tong  · Kampong Trach  · Kampot  · Kampong Bay Kandal Kandal Stueng  · Kien Svay  · Khsach Kandal  · Koh Thum  · Leuk Daek  · Lvea Aem  · Mukh Kamphool  · Angk Snuol  · Ponhea Leu  · S'ang  · Ta Khmau Koh Kong Botum Sakor  · Kampong Seila  · Koh Kong  · Kiri Sakor  · Mondol Seima  · Smach Mean Chey  · Srae Ambel  · Thma Bang Kratié Chhloung  · Kratié  · Preaek Prasab  · Sambour  · Snuol Mondulkiri Kaev Seima  · Kaoh Nheaek  · Ou Reang  · Pechr Chenda  · Senmonorom Oddar Meancheay Anlong Veng  · Banteay Ampil  · Chong Kal  · Samraong  · Trapeang Prasat Preah Vihear Chey Saen Chhaeb  · Choam Khsant  · Kuleaen  · Rovieng  · Sangkom Thmei  · Tbaeng Meanchey Pursat Bakan  · Kandieng  · Krakor  · Phnum Kravanh  · Sampov Meas  · Veal Veaeng Prey Veng Ba Phnum  · Kamchay Mear  · Kampong Leav  · Kampong Trabaek  · Kanhchriech  · Me Sang  · Peam Chor  · Peam Ro  · Pea Reang  · Preah Sdach  · Prey Veaeng  · Sithor Kandal Ratanakiri Andoung Meas  · Banlung  · Bar Kaev  · Koun Mom  · Lumphat  · Ou Chum  · Ou Ya Dav  · Ta Veaeng  · Veun Sai Siem Reap Angkor Chum  · Angkor Thom  · Banteay Srei  · Chi Kraeng  · Kralanh  · Puok  · Prasat Bakong  · Siem Reap  · Sout Nikom · Srei Snam  · Svay Leu  · Varin Stung Treng Sesan  · Siem Bouk  · Siem Pang  · Stung Treng  · Thala Barivat Svay Rieng Chanthrea  · Kampong Rou  · Romeas Haek  · Romdoul  · Svay Chrom  · Svay Rieng  · Svay Theab Takéo Angkor Borei  · Bati  · Bourei Cholsar  · Doun Kaev · Kaoh Andaet  · Kiri Vong  · Prey Kabbas · Samraong  · Tram Kak  · Treang Coordinates: 13°47′N 103°10′E / 13.783°N 103.167°E / 13.783; 103.167