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Spodnji Žerjavci Spodnji Žerjavci Location in Slovenia Coordinates: 46°36′21.47″N 15°51′30.88″E / 46.6059639°N 15.8585778°E / 46.6059639; 15.8585778Coordinates: 46°36′21.47″N 15°51′30.88″E / 46.6059639°N 15.8585778°E / 46.6059639; 15.8585778 Country Slovenia Traditional region Lower Styria Statistical region Drava Municipality Lenart Area  - Total 2.41 km2 (0.9 sq mi) Elevation 287.5 m (943 ft) Population (2002)  - Total 320 [1] Spodnji Žerjavci is a settlement in the Lenart municipality in northeastern Slovenia. It lies in the Slovenske Gorice hills, just off the road from Lenart towards Benedikt. The area was part of the traditional region of Lower Styria. It is now included in the Drava statistical region.[2] There are two small chapels in the settlement. One dates to 1869 and the second dates to the early 20th century.[3] References ^ Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia ^ Lenart Municipality site ^ Slovenian Ministry of Culture register of national heritage reference number ešd 3823 & 1872 External links Spodnji Žerjavci at Geopedia v • d • e Lenart Settlements Administrative centre: Lenart v Slovenskih goricah Črmljenšak, Dolge Njive, Gradenšak, Hrastovec v Slovenskih Goricah, Lormanje, Močna, Nadbišec, Radehova, Rogoznica, Selce, Spodnja Voličina, Spodnje Partinje, Spodnji Porčič, Spodnji Žerjavci, Straže, Šetarova, Vinička vas, Zamarkova, Zavrh, Zgornja Voličina, Zgornji Žerjavci Landmarks Hrastovec Castle, Komarnik natural reserve, Lake Radehova, Lake Pristava This article about the Municipality of Lenart in Slovenia is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e