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Boroughmuir High School Motto Justus et Tenax Established 1904 Headteacher Mr David Dempster Location 26 Viewforth Edinburgh EH10 4LR Scotland Staff ~80 Students ~1100 Gender Coeducational Ages 11–18 Houses Westhall, Hartington, Viewforth, Bruntsfield, Montpelier, Leamington Colours Green, Navy and Black Publication Bootleg Website Official Site Boroughmuir High School is a non-denominational secondary school in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was founded in 1904, and moved to its current site near the city centre in 1913. Its catchment area is in the south side of the city. It has the best non-private sector exam results in Edinburgh [1], while also ranking thirteenth in Scotland according to The Times Top 50 Scottish State Schools 2009 rankings. Contents 1 Subjects 2 Uniform 3 War memorial 4 Pastoral Care (Guidance) 5 Building 6 Notable alumni 7 Feeder schools 8 References 9 External links Subjects The school offers a wide range of subjects. Exams are offered at Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Standard Grade, Higher and Advanced Higher. Pupils are given a set timetable through S1 and S2, and they have a choice in S3 of what subjects they would like to take. Incidentally, it is mandatory that they take a Modern Language (either French, German or Spanish), Mathematics and English. The available subject choices can be found at; The chosen subjects will be studied over a period of two years, at the end of which SQA examinations are sat. The pupils can then either choose to leave school, or continue on to S5, in which the students pick five subjects, usually at Higher or a mixture of Higher and Intermediate 2. If the students decide to continue to S6, they must choose at least 3 subjects, usually at Advanced Higher, Higher and sometimes Intermediate 2. Uniform Pupils are required to wear a uniform; white shirt black formal trousers or skirt black formal shoes school tie The tie is bottle green and navy blue diagonally striped for years S1-4 and green all-over with the school crest for years S5-6. All members of the Head team; Head boy, Head girl (and their deputies), the Prefects and the House Captains (and their deputies) must now wear the black blazer with the school crest on the left-hand pocket. War memorial Boroughmuir is the only state school in Edinburgh with its own war memorial, the school hold an annual Remembrance Service on Remembrance Day. Many private schools in Edinburgh, such as George Watson's College, George Heriot's College and Fettes College, have their own memorials to remember former pupils killed in both World Wars. Boroughmuir stands out from the rest though because it is the only state school that has a memorial, and also the fact that the school has been around for so long brings much importance to the event. Pupils are encouraged to listen to the broadcast as it usually happens during school time. Pastoral Care (Guidance) At the start of 1st Year (S1) at Boroughmuir, each pupil is assigned to a house, each of which is led by a member of guidance staff. The houses are named after streets surrounding the school - Montpelier, Viewforth, Hartington, Westhall, Bruntsfield and Leamington. It is the guidance teacher's job to monitor their assigned house members. To this effect, students attend one hour of Personal and Social Education (PSE) with their guidance teacher a week. The pupils can earn points for their house by collecting "Praise Stamps" or "Positive Discipline Referrals". These credits are attained by behaving well in class, completing work correctly and generally doing what you're supposed to. In S1 & 2 pupils receive letters home once they achieve a multiple of 30 stamps (e.g. 30, 60, 90). At the end of each term, the house with the most points will have its name engraved on a wooden board in the school atrium for coming out on top over all the other houses. In S3-4 the house with the most points at the end of each month is awarded by being given the chance to go out for the day to a destination of their choice, this could be bowling, going to a restaurant or going to the cinema for example. Points are kept track of by the guidance staff, who can also issue credits if they feel the need. Building The school building itself goes back over one hundred years. It has a cafeteria and two gym halls on the bottom floor and a library on the top floor. Each floor, excluding the bottom floor, has a central corridor. On the first floor, this is the Management Team corridor. On the second floor, it is the Guidance corridor; all the guidance teachers are usually here. On the third floor, the corridor houses the Science Technicians. The school has one disabled-access entrance and a lift. The classroom numbers work in a clockwise-increase fashion. From the central staircase, there is the central corridor, and one on either side. Going to the left would take you to the lowest numbers, as going to the right would give you the highest. The numbers are three digits. This tells you the floor and room number on that floor. For example, the eighth room on the third floor is written as 308. On the left side of the first floor is the Modern Studies and History Department, on the right the Music Department. On the second floor, the left houses the Modern Languages (French, German, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and English) Department, the right side houses the Geography Department and some English classrooms. On the third floor, the left houses the Art Department with some Science classrooms and the right houses the Science Department. The bottom floor does not work like this, it has an area to which the lift and central stairway lead. Once you go through the door from the central stairway, to your right is the P.E. department and to your left is the C.D.T. department. To get to the C.D.T. depart you have to open a door and go down some stairs. Continuing to the end of the C.D.T. corridor, you will reach the north stairwell, the cafeteria and the exit to the school. This exit leads to the staff car parks, the H.E. sewing and cooking rooms and a few C.D.T. workshops. Home Economics (H.E) and Craft, Design and Technology (C.D.T) are mostly inside the school building, but with the H.E. kitchens outside and a small CDT workshop outside. It has an atrium where assemblies take place. The extremely limited space means that pupils doing P.E. (Physical Education) normally have to travel to sports centres outside school, these are usually Meggetland, Meadow Bank, The Crags Sports Centre, and a local swimming pool which could be Sciennes or The Royal Commonwealth Pool (when it re-opens!). The main entrance is on Viewforth, and just up the road is Bruntsfield Primary School. There are plans for a new building to be built but no suitable sites have been found that are affordable. Another plan is to stay and renovate the inside of the building. Th later plan seemed more likely until Edinburgh City Council announced its budget cuts, which will most likely limit any work done on the school to maintenance and essential upgrades. The school also uses an annex - St Oswald's Church Hall - as its drama department. The site is occasionally used for various other events including musical performances and SQA exams. The annex has two halls, each with a proscenium arch stage and lighting systems. Notable alumni Neve McIntosh, actress Willie Duff, footballer Alexander Trotman, Baron Trotman, former CEO of Ford Motor Company Annette Crosbie, actress Cristian Buhuş, sailor Sarah Smith, Journalist (Channel 4 News)[2] John Stewart, Chairman of Legal & General Kirsty Balfour, swimmer Tom Palmer (rugby union), English rugby player Feeder schools Boroughmuir had a change of feeder schools in Summer 2006. Now Buckstone, South Morningside and Bruntsfield primaries feed into Boroughmuir. Bruntsfield used to feed into James Gillespie's High School, but now Preston Street, Sciennes and Royal Mile feed into Gillespie's. References ^ ^ External links Official Site Boroughmuir High School - Scottish Schools Online Boroughmuir High School Crest ( Coordinates: 55°56′17.33″N 3°12′31.88″W / 55.9381472°N 3.2088556°W / 55.9381472; -3.2088556