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For the Bolivian province, see Bautista Saavedra Province. This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2009) Rosa Bautista Saavedra Mallea (1870–1939) was President of Bolivia, first as part of a governing junta between 1920–21, and then as constitutionally-elected President of the Republic between 1921 and 1925. As leader of the insurgent Republican Party, he instigated and led the coup d'état of 1920 against the long-ruling Liberal Party of President José Gutiérrez Guerra. He had a turbulent term, as his party fragmented almost immediately after the coup, with a large fraction of it going on to form the Partido Republicano-Genuino (Genuine Republican party). Essentially, the split was due to opposition to the largely personalist, centralized, and caudillo-like governing style of Saavedra. He quickly expelled from the country most top-leaders of the Genuino party, and often made use of extra-constitutional means to remain in power. Unable to run for re-election in 1925, Saavedra did the next best thing and made sure a hand-picked successor would follow him, presumably one firmly under his thumb. His first choice, Gabino Villanueva, failed to be sufficiently pliable for the President's liking, and Saavedra annulled the 1925 elections on a technicality. Nationwide protests at this transparent effort to manipulate the elections and prolong Saavedra's stay in office forced the President to resign, leaving in his place Felipe Segundo Guzmán, the President of the Senate. The latter, clearly a "Saavedra's man," called elections for 1926. Saavedra thus renewed his quest to find the ideal proxy candidate through which to rule. He found the perfect man in Hernando Siles, who ran in the elections along with Bautista Saavedra's own brother, Abdón Saavedra, as his Vice-Presidential running mate. This allowed the meddling former President to continue to run the strings of the Bolivian government—or so he thought, for President Siles eventually tired of Saavedra's heavy-handed meddling and exiled him along with his brother (his own Vice-President). Saavedra remained an influential political leader after that, but never returned to power, especially since his arch-rivals of the Partido Republicano Genuino finally gained power in 1930. He died while exiled in Chile on May 1, 1939. The province of Bautista Saavedra Province was named after this former President. Its capital is Charazani. Preceded by José Gutiérrez Guerra President of Bolivia 1921-1925 Succeeded by Felipe Segundo Guzmán v · d · ePresidents of Bolivia Simón Bolívar · Antonio José de Sucre · José María Pérez de Urdininea · Pedro Blanco Soto · Andrés de Santa Cruz · Sebastián Ágreda · Mariano Enrique Calvo Cuellar · José Ballivián · Eusebio Guilarte Vera · Víctor González Fuentes · José Miguel de Velasco Franco · Manuel Isidoro Belzu · Jorge Córdova · José María Linares · José María Achá · Mariano Melgarejo · Agustín Morales · Adolfo Ballivián · Tomás Frías Ametller · Hilarión Daza · Narciso Campero · Gregorio Pacheco · Aniceto Arce · Mariano Baptista · Severo Fernández · José Manuel Pando · Eliodoro Villazón · Ismael Montes · José Gutiérrez · Bautista Saavedra · Felipe S. Guzmán · Hernando Siles Reyes · Carlos Blanco Galindo · Daniel Salamanca Urey · José Luis Tejada Sorzano · David Toro · Germán Busch · Carlos Quintanilla · Enrique Peñaranda · Gualberto Villarroel · Néstor Guillén · Tomás Monje · Enrique Hertzog · Mamerto Urriolagoitia · Hugo Ballivián · René Barrientos · Luis Adolfo Siles Salinas · Alfredo Ovando Candía · Juan José Torres · Hugo Banzer · Juan Pereda · David Padilla · Wálter Guevara · Alberto Natusch · Lidia Gueiler Tejada · Luis García Meza Tejada · Celso Torrelio · Guido Vildoso · Hernán Siles Zuazo · Víctor Paz Estenssoro · Jaime Paz Zamora · Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada · Hugo Banzer · Jorge Quiroga · Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada · Carlos Mesa · Eduardo Rodríguez · Evo Morales Persondata Name Saavedra, Bautista Alternative names Short description Date of birth 1870 Place of birth Date of death 1939 Place of death