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AL-Alam Type Daily newspaper Format Broadsheet Owner Izzat Husrieh Publisher Al-Alam Publishing House Editor Izzat Husrieh Founded 1944 Ceased publication 1964 Headquarters Al-Alam Publishing House Building Khaled Bin Al-Waleed Street, Damascus, Syria Al-Alam is a Syrian Daily newspaper founded in 1944 and published in Syria. It continued to influence public opinion for over two decades. History Izzat Husrieh, the founder of AL-Alam Newspaper Al-Alam newspaper was founded by the Syrian writer and journalist, Izzat Husrieh who was the editor-in-chief of Al-Istiklal Al-Arabi newspaper (Arab Independence) previously. Later on, the newspaper was edited by Fouad El-Shaeib accompanied by Adnan Molouhi as its editor's secretary. Al-Alam was one of the newspaper which didn't stop upon the coupe of president Husni Al-Zaim in 1949, and continued until 1953 when it was merged with Al-Qabas newspaper (The Firebrand) as Al-Zaman (The Time) when president Adib Shishakli ordered every two newspapers to merge together. After that, it was separated again when the legislations changed.Later on, the newspaper was merged again with Al-Qabas newspaper voluntarily but soon separated again. Al-Alam also continued to be published during the years of the United Arab Republic (UAR). References Moujam AL-jARAED aL-sOURYYA (The Encyclopedia of Syrian Newspaper 1865-1965), Dr.Muhyar Adnan AL-Muluhi. 2005