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Follow the Saint   1st edition Author Leslie Charteris Country United Kingdom Language English Series The Saint Genre(s) Mystery, Novellas Publisher The Crime Club Publication date 1938 Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback) ISBN NA Preceded by Prelude for War Followed by The Happy Highwayman Follow the Saint is a collection of three mystery novellas by Leslie Charteris, featuring the criminal and crimefighter Simon Templar, alias The Saint. The collection was first published in 1938. Follow the Saint marked a change in the publication order for the Saint books. Up to this point, the books were always published first in the United Kingdom, followed by an American publication later in the year or sometimes a year later. The order was switched beginning with this book, with the American edition (by The Crime Club) preceding the UK edition by Hodder and Stoughton, which was not released until 1939. Stories The book consisted of the following stories: "The Miracle Tea Party" — Simon Templar investigates an unprovoked attack on his "nemesis", Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Claud Eustace Teal, which appears to be connected to the smuggling of high-denomination pound sterling notes hidden inside tea bags. "The Invisible Millionaire" — Templar is invited to meet a young woman at a secret rendezvous where she plans to provide information regarding a major swindle. The case becomes complicated when the Saint and his assistant Hoppy Uniatz find the woman stabbed to death, with Templar (as usual) blamed for her murder. Templar and Uniatz don't know what to think when their accusers subsequently invite them to come home for dinner. "The Affair of Hogsbotham" — Self-appointed guardian of public morality Ebenezer Hogsbotham annoys Templar with his attempt to turn Britain into a chaste society, so Templar decides to bring him down a peg or two by robbing his home. But Templar and Uniatz invade the wrong house and find themselves in the midst of a bank-robbing conspiracy. Television adaptations Two of the stories were later adapted as episodes of the TV series The Saint. "The Invisible Millionaire" aired on February 13, 1964, during the programme's second season. "The Miracle Tea Party" opened the third season on October 8, 1964. This article about a mystery novel is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e v • d • e The Saint, created by Leslie Charteris Characters Simon Templar | Patricia Holm | Claud Eustace Teal | Hoppy Uniatz | Roger Conway Books by Leslie Charteris Meet - The Tiger! (1928) | Enter the Saint (1930) | The Last Hero (1930) | Knight Templar (1930) | Featuring the Saint (UK only – 1931) | Alias the Saint (UK only – 1931) | Wanted for Murder (US only – 1931) | She Was a Lady (1931) | The Holy Terror (1932) | Getaway (1932) | Once More the Saint (1933) | The Brighter Buccaneer (1933) | The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal (1934) | Boodle (1934) | The Saint Goes On (1934) | The Saint in New York (1935) | Saint Overboard (1936) | The Ace of Knaves (1937) | Thieves' Picnic (1937) | Prelude for War (1938) | Follow the Saint (1938) | The Happy Highwayman (1939) | The Saint in Miami (1940) | The Saint Goes West (1942) | The Saint Steps In (1942) | The Saint on Guard (1944) | The Saint Sees it Through (1946) | Call for the Saint (1948) | Saint Errant (1948) | The Saint in Europe (1953) | The Saint on the Spanish Main (1955) | The Saint Around the World (1956) | Thanks to the Saint (1957) | Señor Saint (1958) | The Saint to the Rescue (1959) | Trust the Saint (1962) | The Saint in the Sun (1963) Collaborations (credited to Charteris) Vendetta for the Saint (1964) | The Saint on TV (1968) | The Saint Returns (1968) | The Saint and the Fiction Makers (1968) | The Saint Abroad (1969) | The Saint in Pursuit (1970) | The Saint and the People Importers (1971) | Catch the Saint (1975) | The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace (1976) | Send for the Saint (1977) | The Saint in Trouble (1978) | The Saint and the Templar Treasure (1979) | Count on the Saint (1980) | Salvage for the Saint (1983) Books by Burl Barer The Saint (film novelization) (1997) | Capture the Saint (1997) Unpublished works Bet on the Saint (1968) | The Saint's Lady (1979) Theatrical films The Saint in New York (1938) | The Saint Strikes Back (1939) | The Saint in London (1939) | The Saint's Double Trouble (1940) | The Saint Takes Over (1940) | The Saint in Palm Springs (1941) | The Saint's Vacation (1941) | The Saint Meets the Tiger (1943) | The Saint's Girl Friday (1953) | Le Saint mène la danse (1960) | Le Saint prend l'affut (1966) | The Saint (1997) Made-for-TV films The Fiction Makers (1968) | Vendetta for the Saint (1969) | The Saint and the Brave Goose (1983) | The Saint in Manhattan (1987) Television series The Saint (1962 – 1969) | Return of the Saint (1978 – 1979) | Mystery Wheel of Adventure (1989) The Saint Actors Louis Hayward | George Sanders | Hugh Sinclair | Félix Marten | Jean Marais | Roger Moore | Ian Ogilvy | Andrew Clarke | Simon Dutton | Val Kilmer Related articles Daredevil (1929) (Teal's first appearance) | S.W.O.R.D. (fictional organization) | Hirondel (Templar's car) Biographical/Bibliographical The Saint and Leslie Charteris (1970) by W.O.G. Lofts and Derek Adley | The Saint: 'So You're The Famous Simon Templar' (1989) By Tony Mechele and Dick Fiddy | The Saint--A Complete History in Print, Radio, Film and Television (1993) by Burl Barer