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Team Expansion Founders Doug & Penny Lucas Type Christian Missions Agency Founded 1978 Location Louisville, Kentucky Key people Doug Lucas, "EB", Betty Byrd, Julie Cheatum, Eric Derry, Bob Gibson Area served 45 Countries (70 People groups) Focus Unreached peoples and cities Members 320 (45 Teams) Motto Transforming communities by planting churches among the unreached Website Team Expansion is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization transforming communities by planting churches among the unreached. Many Team Expansion workers are associated with the Restoration Movement of churches, but as an agency, Team Expansion is non-denominational. Contents 1 History 2 Mission 3 Home Office 4 External links History Team Expansion began as a prayer movement on the campus of Kentucky Christian University in 1978. In 1982, five missionaries headed to Montevideo, Uruguay to start the very first Team Expansion work. In 1983, International Services – the stateside support team for all international workers – was launched and headquartered first in the basement of Doug & Penny Lucas' home at 4 Hideaway Dr., Covington, KY, then later in the home rented by John and Becky Bliffen at 941 Grand Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio and then in 1984 on the campus of Cincinnati Bible College, now known as Cincinnati Christian University. Between 1985 and 1996, Team Expansion launched multiple new teams, including Venezuela, Ukraine, Ireland, and Tanzania. In 1997, the leadership of Southeast Christian Church (Louisville, Kentucky) invited Team Expansion to move its headquarters to Louisville, Kentucky. In June 1997, there were 120 full-time missionaries working around the world with 22 different people groups. Teams continued to go into some of the most difficult places, including Bosnia and Kosovo. In 2001, there were 199 full-time missionaries, including three brand new works in Italy, Japan, and Louisville, Kentucky, where the workers focused on a huge Hispanic population. By 2002, more than 8,000 people had come to Christ and more than 110 churches had been planted around the world. As of January 2010, there are more than 300 workers serving in more than 40 countries, including many creative-access locations. These workers operate medical clinics (which dispense medicine, for free or for a token amount, to people of all races, creed, color, and faith), dig wells (for communities, as guided by community leaders), provide various community services, train leaders, and serve mankind in many other ways. True to its core vision, Team Expansion has planted about 250 churches and has ushered over 12,000 new believers into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Mission Team Expansion is transforming communities by planting churches among the unreached. Home Office Emerald Hills is Team Expansion’s campus for prayer, retreat, learning, and reconnecting with God & his creation. The campus’ 61 acres outside of Louisville, Kentucky house Team Expansion’s Prayer Center and Atrium facility. Discipleship School of the Outdoors (DSOTO), Team Expansion’s experiential outdoor learning program, is conducted in the low-ropes course at Emerald Hills. Also staged at Emerald Hills is Brigada, a growing collection of web- and email-based resources. Nearly 10,000 individuals have subscribed to the service, which publishes a weekly newsletter, "Brigada Today," as well as a lively online website. External links Team Expansion Homepage -- Emerald Hills Homepage -- Multiply the Momentum Homepage -- Brigada Homepage -- To Follow Team Expansion on Twitter -- To View Team Expansion on Facebook --