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This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2009) The Brama Młyńska in Stargard Szczeciński one of a few water gates in Europe Roshnai Gate from Hazuri Bagh (Lahore) Bab al Yemen of Sana'a, Yemen The entrance to the urban sector of Machu Picchu. Clues of a gate still remains in the structure Hahnentor at Rudolfplatz, Cologne, Germany The second military gate in the Theodosian walls of Istanbul The Ishtar Gate in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin Zijlpoort (Eastern gate) in Leiden "City Gate" redirects here. For the Israeli skyscraper, see Moshe Aviv Tower. A city gate is a gate which is, or was, set within a city wall. Other terms include port. Contents 1 Uses 2 Examples 2.1 Ancient World 2.2 Africa 2.3 Asia 2.4 Europe 2.5 North America 2.6 South America 3 See also Uses City gates were traditionally built to provide a point of controlled access to and departure from a walled city for people, vehicles, goods and animals. Depending on their historical context they filled functions relating to defense, security, health, trade, taxation, and representation, and were correspondingly staffed by military or municipal authorities. The city gate was also commonly used to display diverse kinds of public information such as announcements, tax and toll schedules, standards of local measures, and legal texts. It could be heavily fortified, ornamented with heraldic shields, sculpture or inscriptions, or used as a location for warning or intimidation, for example by displaying the heads of beheaded criminals or public enemies. City gates, in one form or another, can be found across the world in cities dating back to ancient times to around the 19th century. Many cities would close their gates after a certain curfew each night, for example Prague. With increased stability and freedom, many walled cities removed such fortifications as city gates, although many still survive; albeit for historic interest rather than security. Many surviving gates have been heavily restored, rebuilt or new ones created to add to the appearance of a city, such as Bab Bou Jalous in Fes. With increased levels of traffic, city gates have come under threat in the past for impeding the flow of traffic, such as Temple Bar in London which was demolished in the 18th century. Examples Ancient World Mesopotamia: Ishtar Gate, Babylon Africa Egypt: Gates of Cairo Morocco: Bab Agnaou of Marrakech Asia China: Gate of China in Nanjing China: city gate of Jianshui India: Gateway of India in Mumbai (Maharashtra) Israel: Gates in Jerusalem's Old City Walls Japan: Rashomon Gate, Kyoto Macau: Portas do Cerco - border gate for Macau with neighbouring Zhuhai Pakistan: Walled City of Lahore South Korea: Seoul's city gates, including: Namdaemun and Dongdaemun Taiwan: North gate of Taipei Yemen: Bab al Yemen of Sana'a Europe Belgium: the remaining city gates of Bruges: Kruispoort, Gentpoort, Smedepoort, Ezelpoort Croatia: Pile Gate, Dubrovnik Czech Republic: Powder Gate, in Prague England: London's Roman and Medieval gates of the London Wall: Ludgate, Newgate, Aldersgate, Bishopsgate, Cripplegate, Moorgate, Aldgate England: Westgate, Canterbury England: The gates (known as Bars) of the York city walls France: Porte de Joigny and Porte de Sens in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne France: Porte de la Craffe in Nancy France: Porte des Allemands in Metz France: Porte Saint-Denis and Porte Saint-Martin in Paris France: Porte Cailhau in Bordeaux Germany: Eigelsteintor, Hahnentor, Ulrepforte, Severinstor in Cologne Germany: Holstentor, in Lübeck Germany: Porta Nigra, in Trier Germany: Old Gate, in Speyer Germany: Steintor, in Rostock Germany: Martinstor (Saint Martin's Gate) and Schwabentor in Freiburg im Breisgau Germany: East Gate, in Regensburg Greece: Lion Gate in Mycenae, 13th century B.C.. Italy: Porta Capuana, Naples Malta: City Gate, Valletta Netherlands: Amsterdamse Poort, a city gate of Haarlem Netherlands: Waterpoort (water gate), Sneek Netherlands: Vischpoort (fish gate), Elburg Netherlands: Koppelpoort (combination gate), Amersfoort Poland: Brama Portowa (Port Gate), Szczecin Poland: Brama Młyńska (Mill Gate), Stargard Szczeciński Poland: St. Florian's Gate, Kraków Poland: Żuraw (Crane Gate), Gdańsk Russia: Golden Gate, Vladimir Spain: Puerta del Sol, Madrid Switzerland: The gates of the Basel City Walls, Basel Turkey: The many gates in the walls of Constantinople, present day Istanbul Ukraine: Golden Gate, Kiev North America City Gate (Port of Spain), Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Porte St-Louis (Vieux-Quebec) and Porte St-Jean (Vieux-Quebec), Quebec City, Quebec, Canada South America Peru : Machu Picchu's gate See also Triumphal arch v · d · eFortifications Since ancient times Abatis · Castra · Circular rampart · Crannóg · Ditch · Defensive wall · Gatehouse · Grad · Hill fort · Palisade · Stockade · Stronghold · Sudis · Trou de loup · Vallum · Wagon fort Since Middle Ages Arrowslit · Barbican · Bartizan · Bastion · Bent entrance · Bergfried · Caltrop · Castle · Concentric castle · Cheval de frise · Citadel · City gate · Curtain wall · Drawbridge · Enceinte · Embrasure · Gabion · Glacis · Guard tower · Gulyay-gorod · Hoarding · Keep · Kremlin (Detinets) · L-plan castle · Machicolation · Moat · Motte-and-bailey · Murder-hole · Peel tower · Portcullis · Reduit · Tower house · Turret · Wall tower · Ward (Bailey) · Watchtower · Yett Since Early modern period Bastion · Blockhouse · Canal · Caponier · Casemate · Cavalier · Crownwork · Coupure  · Hornwork · Lunette  · Outwork · Polygonal fort · Punji sticks · Ravelin · Sandbag · Scarp · Station · Star fort · Tenaille Since 19th century Barbed wire · Barbette · Border outpost · Bunker · Coastal artillery · Gun turret · Land battery · Land mine · Outpost · Trench warfare · Sangar · Wire obstacles Since 20th century Barbed tape · Concertina wire · Defensive fighting position · Spider hole · British "hedgehog" road block · Czech hedgehog · Dragon's teeth · Electric fence · Flak tower · Hesco bastion · Main Line of Resistance · Sentry gun Wikimedia Commons has media related to: City gate