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This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. Please improve this article if you can. The talk page may contain suggestions. (August 2010) Childnet International is a registered UK charity (No. 1080173) that is working towards making the Internet safer for children. They offer online safety advice to parents, young people and teachers. Contents 1 History and mission 2 Children 3 Schools 4 Parents 5 References 6 External links // History and mission In the past Childnet International has had 3 CEO's. They are the following: 1) Nigel Williams 1996-2003 ( info here about why Childnet was set up in the first place) Nigel moved on from Childnet to become the Children’s Commissioner for Northern Ireland 2) Stephen Carrick Davies 2003-2008 3) Current CEO - Will Gardner 2009 [1] The mission of the organization is to work in partnership with individuals, organizations, and governments worldwide to help make the Internet to help make the Internet a great resource and a safe one for children. It pursues its mission in three broad areas:[2] Access and promoting quality content: Childnet helps children and young people use the net in ways to achieve constructive goals; it showcases quality content; and it provides educational and other resources to help others develop new child-focused projects.[3][4] Awareness and advice: The organization teaches children and young people new “net literacy” skills; and advises industry, organisations, parents, teachers, children, schools, and carers about Internet and mobile device privacy and safety. A significant aspect of this effort includes efforts to prevent cyberbullying[5] and provide education about its prevention and about how to respond to incidents.[6][7] Protection and policy: Working with others to help protect children from being exploited in the online environments provided by new technologies as well as seeking to initiate and respond to policy changes. Children Hence the name, Childnet's main focus is on children. As well as children being given lots of good advice of how to be safe online, they are a big part of Childnet's websites, videos and every other part of the charity. On their Kidsmart website, all the videos star children. Childnet have developed a group called the Networkers. They are children who volunteer to give their time to Childnet to help make the Internet safer. They help work on most of what Childnet does. On some occasions, Childnet works with children to create videos on the YouTube account. Schools Schools are yet another big part of Childnet. Schools decide which children join the Childnet Networkers group, then Childnet visits the school to do activity's with Networkers. Childnet offer resources to schools, such as their animated video The adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew. Parents Childnet offer Know It All for parents, which is online, and available as a disk. Parents should visit and References ^ "Childnet's Annual Review for 2008" (PDF). London: Childnet International. 2008. Retrieved 26 August 2010.  ^ "About Childnet International". London: Childnet International. Retrieved 26 August 2010.  ^ Cosgrove-Mather, Bootie (3 April 2002). "Childnet awards recognize kids". C.B.S. News. C.B.S.. Retrieved 26 August 2010.  ^ Grace, Francie (11 December 2003). "Websites to make a better world". C.B.S. News. C.B.S.. Retrieved 26 August 2010.  ^ "Cyberbullying - from Childnet's Digital Citizen website". London: Childnet International. Retrieved 26 August 2010.  ^ "Cyberbullying - KnowITall information for parents". London: Childnet International. Retrieved 26 August 2010.  ^ Thompson, Bill (25 September 2007). "Putting a stop to the cyberbullies". B.B.C. News. B.B.C.. Retrieved 26 August 2010.  External links