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Fighting Masters Cover art of Fighting Masters (Japanese version) Developer(s) Almanic Publisher(s) Treco Platform(s) Sega Mega Drive Release date(s) JP December 6, 1991 NA June 1, 1992 Genre(s) Fighting Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer (2 players) Distribution Physical, download Media Sega Mega Drive cartridge Fighting Masters is a Mega Drive/Genesis fighting video game released by Treco in 1991. It is set in a pre-apocalyptic universe: according to the manual and pre-game introduction, the giant red sun is about to go supernova within hours and representatives from each alien race must fight each other in order to gain the trust and service of an ultra-intelligent race known as the Primaries who will grant them and their future generations another galaxy to live in. There are only two humans in the game but they don't come from planet Earth. However, the game itself tells a different story of a demon lord who leads an underground campaign against a 12 star galaxy to take control of it. He conquers all of the stars' rulers and makes them his slaves except for one. Taking control of this lone hero, the player battles through the enslaved rulers and into the final battle with the demon lord, Lord Valgasu, himself. Both the game's intro and ending reflect this storyline. Selectable characters Some of the character names were changed in the 1992 release. The names from the 1991 version are listed first. Larry/Dirk Human lightweight wrestler Elepha/Mastodon Anthropomorphic elephant Flamer/Equus Anthropomorphic kickboxing horse Morin Amazon warrior with tonfa Beowolf/Grinder Razor-clawed machine Goldrock Living rock formation with an Egyptian motif Tomahawk/Phoenix Anthropomorphic hawk, somewhat like a gryphon Zygrunt/Zygrunte Anthropomorphic lobster Medusa/Rotundo Jellyfish creature Drason/Xenon Fire-breathing dragon D I O Sentient man-eating plant Eyesight/Uppercut Cyclops boxer References Fighting Masters at GameFAQs Gallery In-game screenshot of Fighting Masters: Tomahawk (top left) fighting Medusa   This fighting game-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e