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This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding reliable references. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2010) DeathClutch Gym Est. 2008 Founded by Brock Lesnar Primary Owners Brock Lesnar Primary trainers Marty Morgan, Greg Nelson, Erik Paulson, Rodrigo Medeiros, Peter Welch, Brock Lesnar Current titleholders Cole Konrad, Bellator Heavyweight Champion (2010-) 265 lb (120 kg) Past titleholders Brock Lesnar, UFC Heavyweight Champion (2008-2010) 265 lb (120 kg) Training Facility Locations Alexandria, Minnesota Official Website DeathClutch is a mixed martial arts training organization headed by the former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar. DeathClutch is the most expensive camp in all of mixed martial arts[1]. The gym was founded by Brock Lesnar after he moved from the Twin Cities area and could no longer train at Minnesota Martial Arts Academy in 2008. It is located right in Lesnar's backyard and all trainers and sparring partners are paid to live in Brock Lesnar's guest house to help train him. The camp is specifically designed for heavyweights with experience in grappling. Contents 1 Instructors 2 Notable fighters 3 References 4 External links Instructors The gym features several MMA Instructors, including: Greg Nelson, gameplanner and all around coach Marty Morgan, main wrestling and head coach Erik Paulson, main submission wrestling and kick boxing coach Rodrigo Medeiros, main BJJ coach, a multiple time world champion black belt Peter Welch, main boxing coach Brock Lesnar, while main coaches coach him, he coaches others Notable fighters Several fighters are affiliated with DeathClutch, these include: Brock Lesnar Randy Couture (2010-present) Cole Konrad Chris Tuchscherer Pat Barry Shane del Rosario Jon Madsen Mike Russow Eric Prindle Kirk Klosowsky Tony Ferguson References ^ Steve Barry. "Brock Lesnar Spends ‘Six Figures’ On His Training Camps".  External links v · d · eProfessional mixed martial arts training associations USA Aces MMA · Alliance MMA · AMA Fight Club · AMC Pankration · American Kickboxing Academy · American Top Team · Arizona Combat Sports · Cesar Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy · Daddis Fight Camps · DeathClutch · Elite Performance · Fight Firm Elite MMA · Finney's HIT Squad · Grudge Training Center · H.I.T. Squad · The HardCore Gym · Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts · K-Dojo MMA · Lion's Den · Mike's Gym · Miletich Fighting Systems · Minnesota Martial Arts Academy · The Pit · Reign MMA · Roufusport · Team Hammer House · Team Lloyd Irvin · Team Punishment · Team Quest · Team Sityodtong · TNT Mixed Martial Arts Training Center · Wand Fight Team · Xtreme Couture · Yamasaki Academy · ZenQuest Martial Arts Center Brazil Black House · Brazilian Top Team · Chute Boxe Academy · Fight Training Academy · Gracie Barra Combat Team · Gracie Humaitá · Nova União · Universidade da luta Japan Abe Ani Combat Club · Grabaka · Paraestra · Takada Dojo · Wajyutsu Keisyukai · Yoshida Dojo Canada Brazilian Top Team Canada · Team Tompkins · Tristar Gym Europe Army hand-to-hand fight · Golden Glory · London Shootfighters · Mark Strange · Mike's Gym · Red Devil Sport Club · Team Kaobon · Team Rough House · Vos Gym · Wolfslair MMA Academy Australia Elite Fight Gym Russia Action Force · AE Team · Red Devil Sport Club · Legion Sport Club · Sochi-Star · Rusfighters MMA Team · Peresvet Fight Team · Sambo-70