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List of colonial governors in 1912 - Events of 1913 - List of colonial governors in 1914 - Colonial governors by year See also: List of state leaders in 1913 List of religious leaders in 1913 Contents 1 France 2 Japan 3 Portugal 4 United Kingdom France French Somaliland - Pierre Hubert Auguste Pascal, Governor of French Somaliland (1911–1915) Guinea - Jean Louis Georges Poiret, acting Lieutenant-Governor of Guinea (1912–1913) Jean Jules Émile Peuvergne, Lieutenant-Governor of Guinea (1913–1915) Japan Karafuto - Hiraoka Teitarō, Governor-General of Karafuto (12 June 1908-5 June 1914) Korea - Terauchi Masatake, Governor-General of Korea (1910–1916) Taiwan - Sakuma Samata, Governor-General of Taiwan (15 April 1906 - May 1915) Portugal Angola - José Mendes Ribeiro Norton de Matos, Governor-General of Angola (1912–1915) United Kingdom Australia - Governor-General - Lord Denman, Governor-General of Australia (1911–1914) Prime Minister - Andrew Fisher, Prime Minister of Australia (1910–1913) Joseph Cook, Prime Minister of Australia (1913–1914) The Bahamas - Sir George Haddon-Smith, Governor of the Bahamas (1912–1914) Bahrain Native Ruler (Hakim) - `Isa ibn Ali Al Khalifah, Ruler of Bahrain (1869–1932) British Political Agent - Arthur Prescott Trevor, British Political Agent in Bahrain (1912–1914) Barbados - Sir Leslie Probyn, Governor of Barbados (1911–1918) Basutoland - Paramount Chief - Nathaniel Griffith Lerotholi, Paramount Chief of Basutoland (1913–1939) High Commissioner - Viscount Gladstone, High Commissioner for Southern Africa (1910–1914) Resident Commissioner - Sir Herbert Sloley, Resident Commissioner of Basutoland (1902–1916) Bechuanaland High Commissioner - Viscount Gladstone, High Commissioner for Southern Africa (1910–1914) Resident Commissioner - Francis William Panzera, Resident Commissioner of Bechuanaland (1906–1916) Bermuda - Sir George Mockworth Bullock, Governor of Bermuda (1912–1917) 'British East Africa - Sir Henry Conway Belfield, Governor of British East Africa (1912–1917) British Guiana - Sir Walter Egerton, Governor of British Guiana (1912–1917) British Honduras - Wilfred Collet, Governor of British Honduras (1913–1918) Brunei Sultan - Muhammad Jamalul Alam, Sultan of Brunei (1906–1924) Regent - Council of Regency (1906–1918) British Resident - Francis William Douglas, British Resident in Brunei (1913–1915) Canada Governor-General - The Duke of Connaught, Governor-General of Canada (1911–1916) Prime Minister - Robert Laird Borden, Prime Minister of Canada (1911–1920) Cyprus - Hamilton Goold-Adams, High Commissioner of Cyprus (1911–1915) Egypt Monarch - Abbas Hilmi Pasha, Khedive of Egypt (1892–1914) Prime Minister - Muhammad Said Pasha, Prime Minister of Egypt (1910–1914) British Agent - Viscount Kitchener, British-Consul General in Egypt (1911–1914) Falkland Islands - William Lamond Allardyce, Governor of the Falkland Islands (1904–1915) Fiji - Sir Ernest Sweet-Escott, Governor of Fiji (1912–1918) The Gambia - Henry Lionel Galway, Governor of The Gambia (1911–1914) Gibraltar - Sir Herbert Miles, Governor of Gibraltar (1913–1918) Gilbert and Ellice Islands - Edward Carlyon Eliot, Resident Commissioner of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Gold Coast - Sir Hugh Clifford, Governor of Gold Coast (1912–1919) Guernsey' Lieutenant Governor - Edward Owen Fisher Hamilton, Lieutenant Governor of Guernsey (1911–1914) Bailiff - William Carey, Bailiff of Guernsey (1908–1915) Hong Kong - Sir Francis May, Governor of Hong Kong (1912–1919) India - Lord Hardinge of Penshurst, Viceroy and Governor-General of India (1910–1916) Ireland - The Earl of Aberdeen, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (1905–1915) Isle of Man - Lord Raglan, Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man (1902–1918) Jamaica - Sir William Manning, Governor of Jamaica (1913–1918) Jersey Lieutenant Governor - Sir Alexander Rochefort, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey (1910–1916) Bailiff - Sir William Venables-Vernon, Bailiff of Jersey (1899–1931) Kuwait Native Ruler - Mubarak al-Lahab Al Sabah, Ruler of Kuwait (1896–1915) British Political Agent - William Henry Irvine Shakespear, British political agent in Kuwait (1909–1914) Leeward Islands - Sir Henry Bell, Governor of the Leeward Islands (1912–1916) Newfoundland Governor - Sir Walter Davidson, Governor of Newfoundland (1913–1917) Prime Minister - Sir Edward Morris, Prime Minister of Newfoundland (1909–1917) Northern Rhodesia - Lawrence Aubrey Wallace, Administrator of Northern Rhodesia (1911–1921) Nyasaland - Sir George Smith, Governor of Nyasaland (1913–1923) Windward Islands - Sir James Sadler, Governor of the Windward Islands (1909–1914)