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CLUMEQ is a Supercomputer Consortium Laval UQAM McGill and Eastern Quebec based in McGill University founded in 2001 and has received two successive grants from the Canada Foundation for innovation. Contents 1 Computers 1.1 Past 1.2 Current 2 External links Computers Past Beowulf Cluster 256 CPUs AMD Athlon 1900+ 1.6 GHz and 1.5 GB RAM / CPU Myrinet-2000 Switch 366 GB RAID-5 storage SGI Origin 3800 Sixty-four 600 MHz MIPS R14000 microprocessors 128 GB RAM 1.6 TB storage Current Colossus 960 Sun Blade X6275 nodes (7680 cores total) 23 TB RAM Infiniband QDR network 1000 TB storage Krylov 48 Sun Fire X4100 nodes (300 cores total) 384 GB RAM 15 TB storage External links CLUMEQ official site The latest supercomputer, article in McGill Reporter