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Gamers Hell is an online magazine dedicated to cataloging and reviewing video games of the past and present. A large number of freeware games can be downloaded from Gamers Hell and reviews of most popular games can be found there as well as official trailers and a "Gamers TV" program.[1] According to Alexa Internet graph charts, the site was ranked number 1,705 as of 2 January 2009 and around one in every 25,000 page views in 2008 was a Gamers Hell page.[2] Gamers Hell claims on their site that they get 3,000,000 visits per month with an average 5 page views per visitor.[3]. Gamers Hell claims to be the "Largest independent videogaming site" but it does not feature as one of the "four stalwarts" listed in a reputable website article. Gamers Hell provides information and downloads for platforms including PC Win-Linux, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Wii, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, PSP and PlayStation 3. Advertising blunder February 2009 The McAfee SiteAdvisor security report for February 2009 indicates that testing showed one of the Gamers Hell advertisers to be a "red site", which breached the security of the browser used by McAfee for testing purposes. Despite this blunder, McAfee found all other linked sites to be safe "green sites". The tests included downloading three random files, of which one was installed on the test computer system, and testing of external links. All three files were found to have the lowest "nuisance scale" rating. Also McAfee found Gamers Hell to be a "Dutch" site with "lots of users".[4] References ^ Gamers TV listings ^ Alexa internet graphs of ^ Gamers Hell on-site statistics ^ Security breech report on Gamers Hell advertising sponsor, on McAfee SiteAdvisor External links Gamers Hell official website Gamers TV listing page The Gamers Hell Commitment official mission statement