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Nordic aliens (Aryan aliens) Creature Grouping Extraterrestrial Nordic aliens, also referred to as Aryan aliens, one group of which are said to be Pleiadeans, are said by contactees and UFOlogists to be a group of humanoid extraterrestrials who resemble European racial images, or more specifically Nordic-Scandinavians, characteristically 1.8 to 2.4 meters with white (pink) skin, blue eyes, light blond or white hair, and commonly reported as being male.[1] Another name used for Nordic aliens, especially by New Age teachers such as the Theosophist Benjamin Creme, is space brothers. They are depicted as wise and benevolent beings concerned with the welfare of humanity. Contents 1 Contactees 2 In religion 2.1 Industrial Church of the New World Comforter 2.2 Tempelhofgesellschaft 2.3 Theosophy 2.4 Ascended Master Teachings 3 See also 4 References Contactees Main article: Contactees Billy Meier claims to have met with a core group of Nordic aliens he called the Pleiadeans[2] (Plejaren) from the Pleiades star cluster. Author George Adamski was one of the first contactees to report a description of a blonde-haired UFO occupant. On 20 November 1952, he reportedly met and spoke with a being from Venus called Orthon, after seeing a UFO in Arizona.[3][4] Political scholar and UFOlogist Michael Salla suggested the possibility that United States president Dwight D. Eisenhower met with Nordic aliens at Edwards Air Force Base in February 1954 in an attempt to formulate an agreement over technology exchange and the elimination of the American nuclear arsenal.[5] The abduction support group UFO Contact Center International wrote in its 1990 brochure that Pleiadians - "Nordic types; medium builds; pleasant to encounter; by our standards attractive" - were reported as frequent visitors by contactees.[2] In religion Main article: UFO religion Industrial Church of the New World Comforter Main article: UFO religion#Industrial Church of the New World Comforter The Industrial Church of the New World Comforter is a UFO religion, founded in 1973 by Allen Noonan (Allen Michael). In 1947 when he was a pictorial sign painter in Long Beach, California, he claimed to have a telepathic encounter with a UFO. He then changed his name from Allen Noonan to Allen Michael. He claims to have physically encountered a flying saucer manned by Nordic aliens in 1954 at Giant Rock in the Mojave Desert of California. Tempelhofgesellschaft Main article: Esoteric Nazism#Tempelhofgesellschaft There is a Gnostic religion called the Tempelhofgesellschaft founded in the early 1990s in Vienna, Austria that distributes pamphlets claiming that the Aryan race originally came to Atlantis, from the star Aldebaran (this information is supposedly based on "ancient Sumerian manuscripts"). The Tempelhofgesellschaft maintains that the Aryans from Aldebaran derive their power from the vril energy of the Black Sun. They teach that since the Aryan race is of extraterrestrial origin, it has a divine mission to dominate all the other races. It is believed by adherents of this religion that an enormous space fleet is on its way to Earth from Aldebaran which, when it arrives, will join forces with the Nazi flying saucers from Antarctica to establish the Western Imperium. Theosophy Main article: Theosophy According to Metaphysician Peter C. Rogers metaphysical author Benjamin Creme subscribes to the view that the Nordics pilot flying saucers from a civilization on Venus that exists on the etheric plane and are capable of stepping down the level of vibration of themselves and their craft to the slower level of vibration of the atoms of the physical plane (Creme accepts George Adamski's UFO sightings as valid). It is also believed by Theosophists that the governing deity of Earth, Sanat Kumara, is one of these Nordic aliens who originally came from Venus 18,600,000 years ago. Ascended Master Teachings Main article: Ascended Master Teachings In the traditional writings of Theosophy (except for Benjamin Creme), and in the mainstream Ascended Master Teachings of Guy Ballard and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, no mention is made of UFOs or flying saucers. (The Ascended Master Teachings are a group of religions based on Theosophy.) However the Ascended Master Teachings teacher Joshua David Stone in his teachings began, beginning in 1993, by incorporating the teachings given in the early 1980s by the medium Tuella into his own teachings, to refer to Ashtar, believed by some UFO enthusiasts to be the commander of a massive flying saucer fleet called the Ashtar Galactic Command that operates near Earth (crewed mostly by Nordic alien Venusians), as a Master along with the more traditional ascended masters. He continued to include Ashtar on his list of ascended masters that he mentioned he received dictations from when speaking at his yearly Wesak Festival Mount Shasta gatherings that began to be held in 1996. Many younger adherents and recent adherents to the Ascended Master Teachings now accept the beings commanding the Ashtar Galactic Command flying saucer fleet as part of the Spiritual Hierarchy. See also Ancient astronauts Asgard (comics) Asgard (Stargate) Ashtar (extraterrestrial being) Esoteric Nazism Giant (mythology) Greys Little green men Nazi mysticism Nazi UFOs Nordic race White supremacy References ^ Showalter, Elaine (1998). Hystories: hysterical epidemics and modern media. Columbia University Press. ISBN 9780231104593.  ^ a b Tumminia, Diana G. (2007). Alien worlds: social and religious dimensions of extraterrestrial contact. Syracuse University Press. ISBN 9780815608585.  ^ Malcolm, Noel (March 6, 2005). "Common sense abducted". London: Retrieved 2010-11-11.  ^ Scott-Blair, Michael (August 13, 2003). "UFO pioneer inspires site's astronomy theme". Sign On San Diego. Retrieved 2010-11-11.  ^ Carlson, Peter (February 19, 2004). "Ike and the Alien Ambassadors". Washington Post. 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