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Accellera logo. Accellera is a standards organization that supports a mix of user and vendor standards and open interfaces development in the area of electronic design automation and IC design and manufacturing. It is less constrained than the IEEE and is therefore the starting place for many standards. Once mature and adopted by the broader community, the standards are usually transferred to the IEEE. [1] Accellera was founded in 2000 from the merger of Open Verilog International and VHDL International. In June 2009 a merger was announced of Accellera and another major EDA organization, SPIRIT Consortium, a standards organization focused on developing standards for IP deployment and reuse.[2] Membership Associate member companies have voting rights in all of Accellera's Technical Committees. Corporate members have an additional right to be eligible for election to the Board of Directors. Corporate members (as of 2010) include: [3] ARM Ltd. Cadence Design Systems Denali Software Inc. Freescale Semiconductor Intel Corporation Magma Design Automation Magillem SA Mentor Graphics Nokia SpringSoft, Inc. Sun Microsystems Synopsys Inc. Texas Instruments Standards The following EDA standards developed by Accellera have been ratified by IEEE (as of 2010):[2] Verilog or IEEE 1364 VHDL or IEEE 1076 Property Specification Language (PSL) or IEEE 1850 SystemVerilog or IEEE 1800 Standard Delay Format (SDF) or IEEE 1497 Delay and Power Calculation System (DPCS) or IEEE 1481 Advanced Library Format (ALF) or IEEE 1603 Open Compression Interface (OCI) or IEEE 1450 Unified Power Format (UPF) or IEEE P1801 Open Model Interface (OMI) or IEEE 1499 IP-XACT or IEEE 1685 References ^ Accelera website ^ a b "EDA Standards Organizations Accellera and The SPIRIT Consortium Announce Plans to Merge", a press-release ^ Member Companies Roster This article about a business, industry, or trade-related organization is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e