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Black Powder Cartridge Rifle (BPCR) refers to modern shooting sports which employ black powder cartridge rifles. These firearms, often of the type referred to as "buffalo rifles", are single-shot firearms using a fixed metallic catridge containing black powder, which launches heavy projectiles at relatively low velocity. These firearms are usually used to compete at relatively long-range (up to 1000 metres), and generally with iron sights rather than telescopic sights (scopes). The challenge of the sport lies in the slow loading of the individual cartridge, and the low velocity resulting in a very arched trajectory. Frequently, the targets at a BPCR match are silhouette targets: large steel cutouts in the shape of animals which often must be knocked to the ground for the hit to count. External links BPCR website Yorkshire Buffalo Hunters, a group trying to re-discover the practical knowledge of the buffalo hunters that has been lost with the development of the modern firearm and smokeless powders.