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(March 2011) Errol Lee Background information Birth name Errol Lee Born August 27, 1968 (1968-08-27) (age 42) Genres R&B Occupations singer, song writer, author, public speaker Years active 2001-Present Labels indipendant Website Errol Lee, the son of famed music producer Bunny Lee and singer Merlene Webber was born in Jamaica. It was only natural that Errol would inherit his parents’ musical passion and talent. From an early age, Errol was immersed in the creative atmosphere of the world of music. Frequently, he would attend recording sessions and performances with his parents where he watched and learned from the pioneers of reggae music. He watched as his mother developed her singing career and his father produced albums for many talented reggae artists. As a little boy, Errol often could be found backstage mimicking the dance moves he saw and then inventing his own. His early exposure to the intricacies of the music business provided Errol with an extensive education in singing, dancing, recording, performing and producing. Errol learned at an early age that his musical talents attracted a lot of attention and he was encouraged by the positive feedback he received. At a very young age, his brothers and cousins would take him to bars where he would sing and dance for money. He often could be found harmonizing with his mother, aunts and brothers as they entertained the neighbours from their veranda. At the age of twelve, his teacher asked Errol to write a Christmas song which he then performed on television and at his local school where he earned his first standing ovation. That was the beginning of his professional career. Errol began to focus on exploring his musical talents in earnest when he was fifteen. When he was twenty-one, Errol performed on Much Music’s Electric Circus. This performance of “Don’t Be a Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde” caught the attention of record producers and he was offered an opportunity to go to England to negotiate a recording contract. Excited at the prospect of taking his music to another level, Errol met with producers only to discover that they wanted him to take his music and lyrics in a direction that he knew was wrong for him. He knew he had to follow his own path and stay true to what he knew was right for him. Errol would not compromise his values and beliefs for a record deal and so he moved back to Canada to pursue his music in his own way. Back in Canada, Errol found his niche as he began to involve himself in community service. Volunteering his time with various organizations, Errol realized that he could use his music to make an impact on the lives of many young people who desperately needed positive role models in their lives. Errol knew that through his music, he could promote the importance of character development. Lyrically, he knew it was possible to appeal to youth without resorting to gratuitous violence, profanity and promiscuity. Today as a successful singer, dancer, recording artist, performer and motivational speaker, Errol’s positive message is reaching thousands of people of all ages in elementary, secondary and private schools, youth groups, camps, YMCAs, O.P.P. and local police leadership conferences and corporations. He seamlessly interweaves singing, dancing and a motivational message into a comprehensive character-building presentation. Errol’s unique performance style transcends the “cool barrier” captivating and inspiring audiences of all ages. Errol’s music and his positive message are especially meaningful in a world where there is so much negativity, violence, sadness and pain. Not only does he sing about honesty, empathy, respect and optimism, he lives his life that way. Errol’s unique talents and optimism set him apart from any other performer. It is his hope that his message will have a positive impact on those who experience an Errol Lee performance. In the future, Errol plans to expand his school programs, continue to develop long-term relationships with schools and communities, continue to be a good-will ambassador for World Vision and Peaceful Schools International, promote safe and peaceful communities, continue to develop resources for educators to use to teach and reinforce the concepts of character development and to continue to grow as an artist and to bring a positive influence to the R&B, reggae and hip hop culture. Errol Lee lives in Richmond Hill with his wife Anne Marie and their four children. On December 15, 2008, he performed for local children in the York Region Area. References He went to William Merrifield school and said he had a great time in Sault Ste Marie Ontario! External links Errol Lee's Official Website Errol Lee's Biography Errol Lee at School Interview Errol Lee dancing with HKIS student Persondata Name Lee, Errol Alternative names Short description Jamaican singer and dancer Date of birth August 27, 1968 Place of birth Date of death Place of death