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The Next Star Format Interactive reality game show Presented by Adamo Ruggiero (2008-Present) Judges Suzie McNeil Christopher Ward Steve Cranwell Country of origin Canada No. of seasons 3 Production Running time Varies Broadcast Original channel YTV Original run July 18, 2008 – Present External links Website The Next Star is a Canadian reality television show on YTV hosted by Adamo Ruggiero. The show is a competition to find the most talented singer in Canada who is under 15 years of age. The next star inspires many to come and audition for their chance to win the next star. The winner of the first season was Dunnery Bond. The winner of the second season was Tianda Flegel. The winner of the third season was Diego Gomes. Contents 1 Winners 2 Overview 3 Season 1 3.1 Top 6 3.2 Singles 3.3 Episodes 4 Season 2 4.1 Format 4.2 Top 6 4.3 Singles 5 Season 3 5.1 Format 6 Season 4 7 References Winners Year Season Winner Age 2008 1 Dunnery Bond 16 2009 2 Tianda Flegel 16 2010 3 Diego Gomes 14 2011 4 TBA. Overview Young singers (15 and under) from across Canada showed up for the open call in the thousands to audition in front of the judges: Suzie McNeil, Christopher Ward, and Steve Cranwell. Only 16 finalists are selected to proceed to Toronto, where they then perform another song of their choice, and the top six are chosen. The final six contestants are then put through multiple tasks from creating a single to choosing their look. Season 1 Season one premiered on YTV, on July 18, 2008. During the first two episodes, there was a coast-to-coast search for the next big hit. The judges traveled to Halifax, Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Vancouver. Out of thousands that auditioned, only twelve contestants were selected and proceeded to the semi-finals. In Toronto, the judges then decided which six of the twelve would continue. Top 6 These were the top six contestants of season one. It was soon announced that 11 year old Charlotte Kosc had been diagnosed with viral meningitis and pneumonia in her right lung and therefore couldn't continue in the competition (she had been chosen to carry on as one of the top six). Amanda Rowland was selected as a replacement. * Alyssa Reid, then aged 15 now 18 who has rose to fame then any other contestant she has released her single "Alone again" which topped the charts in 2011* Amanda Rowland, then aged 14 now 17* Briar Gillis, then aged 14 now 17 Christina LeClair, then aged 13, 14 at the finale, now 16 Dunnery Bond, then aged 14 now 16 Maranda Thomas, then aged 11 now 14 # Contestants Eliminations 1 2 1 Dunnery Bond TOP 6 WON Halifax, Nova Scotia 2 Briar Gillis TOP 6 FINALIST Vineland, Ontario 3 Amanda Rowland TOP 6 FINALIST Montreal, Quebec 4 Maranda Thomas TOP 6 FINALIST Missisauga, Ontario' 5 Christina LeClair TOP 6 FINALIST Brantford, Ontario 6 Alyssa Reid TOP 6 FINALIST Brampton, Ontario 7 Moises Duot OUT Winnipeg, Manitoba 8 Andrea Macasaet OUT Winnipeg, Manitoba 9 Chloe Lloyd OUT Maple Ridge, British Columbia 10 Charlotte Kosc OUT Winnipeg, Manitoba 11 Kieran Jacobs OUT Kahnawake, Quebec 12 Savannah Boyko OUT Winnipeg, Manitoba Singles Each of the six finalists also got to record a single, available on iTunes or on the show's season one compilation EP. # Song Artist Length 1. "Gonna Make You Dance" Alyssa Reid 3:26 2. "Stuck In My World" Maranda Thomas 3:11 3. "Shy" Dunnery Bond 3:02 4. "From the Heart" Amanda Rowland 3:19 5. "The Last Word" Briar Gillis 3:15 6. "Everyday Crazy" Christina LeClair 3:36 Episodes The first three episodes consisted of auditions and narrowing the top 12 down to 6 finalists. Episode Theme Info 4 Musical Medical The Top Six are after Episode 3. 6 The Next You The Top Six find and create their own unique looks. 7 Meet the Press The Top Six are interviewed on The Zone 8 The Duet The Top Six partner up to perform a duet: Alyssa & Amanda, Briar & Christina, and Dunnery & Maranda. 9 Giving Back The Top Six give back to local charities. 10 The Buzz The Top Six will travel across Toronto to attend to some superstar duties and meet Nikki Yanofsky. 11 The Single The Top Six unveil the finished result of their singles. 12 The Look Back A recap of the entire season. 13 Live Finale Dunnery Bond is crowned the winner at Canada's Wonderland on September 28, 2008. Season 2 The second season of The Next Star premiered on July 17, 2009.[1] Suzie McNeil, Steve Cranwell and Christopher Ward all returned as judges, and Adamo Ruggiero returned as host.[2] Format This season's format is very similar to the previous one, with the judges and host traveling to 6 different locations throughout Canada to find their top contestants. But, unlike last year, the judges chose 16 contestants to move on to the semi-finals, as apposed to last year's Top 12. The winner will receive a grand prize package valued at over $6 million Canadian dollars including studio time at Metalworks Studios to write and record two additional songs (not including the one performed on the show). These songs will be produced by Universal Canada and released in spring 2010. They will also have their own showcase at the premier annual Canadian Music Week Showcase, where they will debut their songs; as well as receiving a J-45 Standard Acoustic Guitar and an Epiphone Valve Jr. Combo Amp courtesy of Gibson Guitars. The season's compilation EP will be released in October 2009. [3][dated info] Top 6 The Top 6 was revealed to Canada on August 7, 2009. Wren Burnett, then age 14, now 15 Tianda Flegel, then aged 15, now 17 Lizz Kellermann, then age 15, now 16 Darrelyne Bickel, then age 15, now 16 Rayandra Hudson, then age 14, now 15 Brock Zanrosso, then age 15, now 16 # Contestants Eliminations Hometown 1 2 1 Tianda Flegel TOP 6 WON Fraser Lake, British Columbia 2 Brock Zanrosso TOP 6 FINALIST Vancouver, British Columbia 3 Lizz Kellermann TOP 6 FINALIST Missisauga, Ontario 4 Rayandra Hudson TOP 6 FINALIST Missisauga, Ontario 5 Darrelyne Bickel TOP 6 FINALIST The Pas, Manitoba 6 Wren Burnett TOP 6 FINALIST Halifax, Nova Scotia 7 David Marino OUT Montreal, Quebec 8 Jordan Bergeron OUT Boisbriand, Quebec 9 Jonathan Lewis OUT TBA 10 Adriana Lombardo OUT Brampton, Ontario 11 Cheyenne Duff OUT TBA 12 Brady Chyzyk OUT Virden, Manitoba 13 Carlyn Graff OUT Winnipeg, Manitoba 14 Lauren Adamoski OUT TBA 15 Kimberly Truong OUT TBA 16 Sabrina Duda OUT TBA Singles Each of the six finalists also got to record a single, which are available on iTunes or on the show's season two compilation CD EP. # Song Artist Producer 1. "Without You Here" Tianda Flegel Ron Lopata 2. "One More First Chance" Brock Zanrosso Shawn Desman 3. "If I Fall" Wren Burnett Davor Vulama 4. "Solitude of Sunday" Darrelyne Bickel Dave Thompson 5. "More Perfect than a Doll" Lizz Kellermann Simon Wilcox 6. "What We Need is Love" Rayandra Hudson Chin Injeti Season 3 Format The 3 judges from the 2 previous seasons all returned, as well as host Adamo, and visited 6 cities across Canada - St. Johns, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Saskatoon. They again picked 12 contestants, and narrowed them down to a top 6 after a second performance. Episodes were aired weekly, with a running time of one hour, and an hour and a half for the finale. The winner was presented a prize package containing Kool-aid Jammers Ultimate Jam Space, a Gibson guitar, and recording software to write and record their own songs. The season finale was at Canada's Wonderland,and Diego Gomes was crowned the season three winner. # Contestants Eliminations Hometown 1 2 1 Diego Gomes TOP 6 WON Toronto, Ontario 2 Mimoza Duot TOP 6 FINALIST Winnipeg, Manitoba 3 Isabelle Stern TOP 6 FINALIST Montreal, Quebec 4 Brandon Bizior TOP 6 FINALIST Hamilton, Ontario 5 Madi Amyotte TOP 6 FINALIST St.Albert, Alberta 6 Victoria Duffield TOP 6 FINALIST Abbotsford, British Columbia Placings are based on the most recent poll on Out of all seasons, this season was the most well received. In December all of the contestants reunited to film a YTV Holiday Special, and filmed an exclusive music video featuring Carlos and singing "All I want for Christmas is you". Season 4 Auditions for season 4 started in May. For more information about the auditions, you should check In order to obtain the song list you MUST have a program called Adobe Reader which is free. References ^ ^ ^