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Juan Ferrara Juan Ferrara Born Juan Félix Gutiérrez Puerta November 8, 1943 (1943-11-08) (age 67) Mexico City, Mexico Occupation Actor Spouse Helena Rojo Alicia Bonet Children Juan Carlos Bonet Mauricio Bonet Parents Ofelia Guilmáin (mother) Relatives Lucía Guilmáin and Esther Guilmáin (sisters) Juan Ferrara (born Juan Félix Gutiérrez Puerta, November 8, 1943 in Mexico) is a famous Mexican telenovela and film actor, Contents 1 Family 2 Biography 3 Telenovelas 4 Films 5 External links Family Juan is a son of the well known actress Ofelia Guilmáin and brother of Lucía Guilmáin y Esther Guilmáin. He was once married to the famous Mexican actress, Helena Rojo. He has two sons, actors Juan Carlos Bonet and Mauricio Bonet, with his second wife, Alicia Bonet. Biography Ferrara demonstrated an interest in acting since he was a young child. But it wasn't until he was 22 that he booked his first job as an actor. He changed his name to Juan Ferrara before playing a small role in the 1965 movie, "Tajimara". In 1966, he got his first major movie role, as Sonny in Los Angeles de Puebla. Ferrara by then had graduated from Televisa's renown acting school, and producers decided to cast him as a star in his own telenovela,El Espejismo Brillaba. The novela became a major hit across Mexico and Latin America. In 1970, he starred in two extremely successful novelas, Yesenia and La Gata. In 1978, Ferrara was in Viviana, another extremely successful novela. He portrayed Julio Montesinos. In 1982 Ferrara then went on to star in Gabriel y Gabriela, though it was not as successful as his previous ventures. 1983 proved to be an important career year for Ferrara, as he established himself as an actor in Puerto Rico as well. Hired by Canal 2, he filmed Laura Guzman, Culpable!, a soap opera that became one of Puerto Rico's most seen television programs ever. Due to the novela's overwhelming popularity in Puerto Rico, the network decided to bring Ferrara back in 1985, to film a telenovela called Tanairi. Ferrara starred alongside Von Mari Mendez in this soap opera, which went on to become one of Puerto Rico's most critically acclaimed television shows of all time, as well as the most expensive telenovela to produce in Puerto Rican history. Telenovelas El Espejismo Brillaba (1966) (Noticeable Hypocrisy) Los Inconformes (1968) (The Unsatisfied Ones) Lo que no Fue (1969) (What Couldn't Be) Del Altar a la Tumba (1969) (From the Altar to the Tomb) Concierto de Almas (1969) (Souls Concert) Yesenia (1970) La Gata (1970) (The Female Cat) Viviana (1978) as Julio Montesinos Ladronzuela (1978) (Little Female Thief) El Hogar que yo Robe (1981) (The Home I Stole) as Carlos Valentin Velarde Gabriel y Gabriela (1982) ¡Laura Guzmán, Culpable! (1983) (Laura Guzman, Guilty!) Tanairi (1985) Destino (1989) Valeria y Maximiliano(1991) as Maximiliano Riva Valentina (1993) La Antorche Encendida (1996) as Don Pedro de Soto Desencuentro (1997) as Andrés Infierno en el Paraíso (1999) as Alejandro Valdivia ¡Vivan los niños! (2002) as Lic. Mauricio Borbolla Tu historia de amor (2003) as Ernesto Rebelde (2004) as Franco Colucci Pasion (2007) as Jorge Mancera y Ruiz Verano de Amor (2009) as Othon Villalba Limonqui Mar de Amor (2009) as Guillermo La fuerza del destino (2011) Films Tajimara (1965) Tirando a Gol (1965) (Trying to Score) La Muerte es Puntual (1965) (Death is Always on Time) Los Angeles de Puebla (1966) (Puebla's Angels) as Sonny Pedro Paramo (1967) (as Florencio) Esclava del Deseo (1968) (Slave of Desire) No hay Cruces en el Mar (1968) (There are no Crosses at Sea) Corona de Lagrimas, (1968) Crown of Tears 5 de chocolate y 1 de fresa) (1968) (5 Chocolate ones and a Strawberry One) El Club de los Suicidas (1968) (The Suicidal Ones Club) Los Problemas de Mama (1970) (Mom's Problems) Mision Cumplida (1970) (Mission Accomplished) La montaña sagrada (1973) (The Holy Mountain) El Manantial del Molagro (1974) (Miracle Falls) Ven Conmigo (1975) (Come With Me) as Guillermo De Todos Modos, Juan te Llamas! (1978) (Your Name is Still Juan!) Noche de Juerga (1979) (Party Night) Misterio (1980) Dos y Dos, Cinco (1980) (Two Plus Two:Five) Mentiras (1986) (Lies) as Alvaro Ibanez Victoria (1987) as Jose Eduardo External links's page on Ferrara Persondata Name Ferrara, Juan Alternative names Short description Date of birth November 8, 1943 Place of birth Mexico City, Mexico Date of death Place of death