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Shchara River Origin Belarus Mouth Neman River Basin countries Belarus Length 325 km Source elevation   Avg. discharge 31 m³/s Basin area 9,990 km² Shchara River (Belarusian: Шчара, Ščara, pronounced [ˈʂtʂara]; Russian: Щара) is a river in Belarus, a left tributary of the Neman River. It is 325 km in length. Shchara flows through Slonim. Main tributaries Right: Lipnyanka, Myshanka, Lakhazva, Usa, Padyavarka. Left: Vedma, Grivda, Lukonitsa, Sipa. Coordinates: 53°26′25″N 24°44′20″E / 53.4402°N 24.7388°E / 53.4402; 24.7388 This Belarus location article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e