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Kalona-nui, Prince of Oʻahu or High Chief, was son of Mailikukahi and brother of Kalonaiki, the 8th and 9th Alii Aimoku of Oahu. He was the son of Mailikukahi, 8th Alii Aimoku of Oahu, and his wife High Chiefess Kanepukoa, an aristocratic but of what branch of the aristocratic families of the island she belonged has not been remember in the old legends. His brother was Kalona-iki (later king of Oahu) and they shared the same names, with different suffixes.[1] Although his suffix Nui translates as Great or The Great, the Hawaiian version was much more used than Western epiphet for Great rulers, and 'Kalona the Great was the least remembered of two, probably not because he was forgotten by history but because he was not a notable figure. Kalona married the High Chiefess Kaipuholua [2] and had Kalamakua.[3] He and his brother, along with their sons were known in the Hawaiian Group as the powerful Kalona Family of Oahu. The Kalonas could trace their lineage from Maweke and Laamaikahiki, and their blood remain purely Nanaulu, in decent; except for the marriage into the Paumakua (Oahu) family, that Laamaikahiki belong to. During their lifetime this family was able to memorized their descent from Wakea, the legendary Sky Father and Pāpā, Earth Mother, without error; and to this very day their genealogy are the most reliable.[3] Through Kalona-nui's son, Kalamakua and Kalona-iki's three son, Piliwale, Lo Lale, and Kamaleamaka; the Kalonas were able to spread their scions over the entire group. Descent From Mailikukahi to Kalonanui to Kealiiokaloa Husband (Kane) Wife (Wahine) Children (Keiki) Mailikukahi Kanepukoa Kalona-nui Kalona-iki Kalona-nui Kaipuholua Kalamakua Kalamakua Keleanuinohoanaapiapi Laielohelohe Piilani Laielohelohe Piikea Umi-a-Liloa Piikea Kumalae of Hilo [2] Footnotes ^ Fornander (1880) p. 90 ^ a b Fornander (1878). p. 189 ^ a b Fornander (1880) p. 82 References Fornander, Abraham; Stokes, John F. G. (1880), An Account of the Polynesian Race: Vol. ?, Trubner & co. . Fornander, Abraham; Stokes, John F. G. (1878), An Account of the Polynesian Race: Vol. ?, Trubner & co. . This article related to Hawaiian royalty is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e