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Luigj Gurakuqi Born February 19, 1879(1879-02-19) Shkodër, Albania (then Ottoman Empire) Died 2 March 1925(1925-03-02) (aged 46) Bari (Italy) Pen name Jakin Shkodra and Lekë Gruda Occupation writer, journalist, politician Ethnicity Albanian Period 1900-1925 Literary movement Albanian National Revival Influences Jeronim De Rada Luigj Gurakuqi (February 19, 1879 – March 2, 1925) was an Albanian writer and politician. He was an important figure of the Albanian National Awakening and was honoured with the People's Hero of Albania medal. Contents 1 Life 2 Honors 3 See also 4 References // Life Born in Shkodër on February 19, 1879, Gurakuqi started his studies there, and he finished them at the University of Naples in Italy, where he was also a student of Jeronim De Rada. He was also a poet and published under the pen name Jakin Shkodra and Lekë Gruda. He published articles in Albania, Drita (magazine), Kalendari-kombëtar, Liria e Shqipërisë, and La Nazione Albanese. In 1908, Gurakuqi returned to Albania and took an important role in the Albanian movement for independence. He participated in a meeting of Albanian leaders in Manastir, (Bitola, present-day Republic of Macedonia), was the first principal of Aleksandër Xhuvani University, and was the right-hand man of Ismail Qemali in the Albanian Declaration of Independence in 1912, and one of the leaders of the northern uprisings of 1911-1912. In 1924 Gurakuqi was one of the leaders of the revolution that overthrew the regime of Zog I, King of Albania and established a democratic government. Fan S. Noli became the new Prime Minister, while Luigj Gurakuqi was part of the new cabinet as Minister of Economy and Finance.[1] After the restoration of monarchy Gurakuqi went to Italy, where he was assassinated in a cafe of Bari on March 2, 1925 by agents of Zog.[1] Honors Luigj Gurakuqi was awarded the titles Hero i Popullit (Hero of the People) and Mësues i Popullit (Teacher of the People). The Luigj Gurakuqi University of Shkodra, established in 1957 was named after. A statue of him stands in the center of Shkodër.[1] See also Albanian National Awakening History of Albania List of Albanians References This article was based partly on facts from [1] and [2]. ^ a b c Sherer, Stan (1997). Long life to your children!: a portrait of High Albania. University of Massachusetts Press. pp. 20. ISBN 1558490973.  v • d • e People's Heroes of Albania Hero Abdyl Frashëri - Ali Demi - Ali Kelmendi - Bardhok Biba - Çerçiz Topulli - Ded Gjo Luli - Enver Hoxha - Isa Boletini - Ismail Qemali - Liri Gerro - Luigj Gurakuqi - Margarita Tutulani - Mic Sokoli - Misto Mame - Mujo Ulqinaku - Persefoni Kokëdhima - Qemal Stafa - Selam Musai - Themo Vasi - Vasil Laçi - Vojo Kushi - Zonja Çurre Heroin Bule Naipi Persondata Name Gurakuqi, Luigj Alternative names Short description Date of birth February 19, 1879 Place of birth Shkodër, Albania (then Ottoman Empire) Date of death March 2, 1925 Place of death Bari (Italy)