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This article is about the song by Marillion. For the album by Alex Smoke, see Incommunicado (album). "Incommunicado" Single by Marillion from the album Clutching at Straws A-side Incommunicado B-side Going Under Released May 11, 1987 Format 7" single, 12" single, 12" picture disc, cassette single, CD single Recorded 1987 Genre Neo-progressive rock Soft rock Pop Length 6:44 (7" single), 13:58 (12", CD single) Label EMI Writer(s) Marillion Producer Chris Kimsey Marillion singles chronology "Lady Nina" (U.S. only) (1986) "Incommunicado" (1988) "Sugar Mice" (1988) Audio sample file info · help Incommunicado is the lead single of Marillion's fourth studio album, Clutching at Straws. Released 11 May 1987, it reached number six in the UK Singles Chart, becoming the band's third top-ten hit, the last until 2004. It became a minor hit on the Dutch Top 40 reaching number 31. The A-side is a fast, anthemic rock song with a repetitive chorus and a dominant keyboard sound, somewhat reminiscent of "Market Square Heroes". The extended version on the twelve inch and CD singles is slightly longer than the album version and features some additional sound effects. The b-side, the short, slow and introspective "Going Under", would also appear as a bonus track on the CD version of Clutching at Straws, in a slightly different version. Both tracks were written and arranged by Marillion and produced by Chris Kimsey. Contents 1 Cover art 2 Track listing 2.1 7" single 2.1.1 Side A 2.1.2 Side B 2.2 12" single 2.2.1 Side A 2.2.2 Side B 3 External links Cover art The cover was again designed by Mark Wilkinson; however, instead of the usual airbrush style, it was a collage based on a colourised photograph of fans waiting outside the Marquee Club, then still in Wardour Street (trivia: there are some posters advertising a Then Jericho gig on the door). Only the eccentrically dressed, pivotal "angel" character standing at the door apart from the crowd, was painted in Wilkinson's traditional style. The scene alludes to the song's main topic, success alienating artists from their fans and reality in general. On the back cover there is a quotation supposedly from Seneca the Younger's Moral Epistles ("This mime of mortal life, in which we are apportioned roles we misinterpret.") Track listing 7" single Side A "Incommunicado" (single edit) – 4:00 Side B "Going Under" – 2:44 12" single Side A "Incommunicado" (album version)– 5:17 Side B "Incommunicado" (alternative mix)– 5:57 "Going Under" – 2:44 External links Music video on YouTube Live performance from 1987 on YouTube v · d · eMarillion Steve Rothery · Mark Kelly · Pete Trewavas · Ian Mosley · Steve Hogarth Fish · Mick Pointer · Jonathan Mover · Doug Irvine · Brian Jelliman · Diz Minnett Studio albums Script for a Jester's Tear · Fugazi · Misplaced Childhood · Clutching at Straws · Seasons End · Holidays in Eden · Brave · Afraid of Sunlight · This Strange Engine · Radiation · · Anoraknophobia · Marbles · Somewhere Else · Happiness Is the Road · Less Is More Compilations Brief Encounter · B'Sides Themselves · A Singles Collection · The Best of Both Worlds · The Best of Marillion · The Singles '82–88' Live albums Real to Reel · The Thieving Magpie · Made Again · Anorak in the UK · Early Stages · Live from Loreley · Recital of the Script Singles "Market Square Heroes" · "He Knows You Know" · "Garden Party" · "Punch and Judy" · "Assassing" · "Kayleigh" · "Lavender" · "Heart Of Lothian" · "Lady Nina" · "Incommunicado" · "Sugar Mice" · "Warm Wet Circles" · "Freaks" (Live) · "Hooks in You" · "The Uninvited Guest" · "Easter" · "Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)" · "No One Can" · "Dry Land" · "Sympathy" · "No One Can" (1992) · "The Great Escape" · "The Hollow Man" · "Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury" · "Beautiful" · "Man of a Thousand Faces" · "80 Days" · "These Chains" · "Deserve" · "Between You and Me"/"Map of the World" · "You're Gone" · "Don't Hurt Yourself" · "You're Gone" (Remix) · "See It Like a Baby" · "Thankyou Whoever You Are"/"Most Toys" · "Whatever Is Wrong With You" Related articles Marillion discography