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58214 Amorim (provisional designation: 1992 RA2) is a main-belt minor planet. It was discovered by Eric Walter Elst at the La Silla Observatory in Chile on September 2, 1992. It is named after Regina Helena Caldas de Amorim, a Brazilian neuro-pediatrician who worked in Paris during the 1970s. See also List of minor planets: 58001–59000 External links NASA JPL Small-Body Database Browser on 58214 Amorim This article about an asteroid native to the main belt is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.v · d · e v · d · eMinor planets navigator (58213) 1992 QP•58214 Amorim• 58215 von Klitzing v · d · eSmall Solar System bodies Asteroids (Centaurs · Damocloids · Families · Groups · Moons · Jupiter trojans · Main belt · Near-Earth · Neptune trojans · Spectral types) · Comets · Meteoroids · Minor planets · Trans-Neptunians (Detached objects · Kuiper belt · Oort cloud · Scattered disc objects) Lists: Asteroid groups and families · Asteroid moons · Binary asteroids · Minor planets See also: List of minor planets, Meanings of minor planet names, Pronunciation of asteroid names, and Solar System