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Friedrich Bezold (February 9, 1842 – October 5, 1908) was a German otologist and professor at the University of Munich. He made several contributions to early audiology. He is best known for developing hearing tests with tuning forks and his work to improve education for the hearing impaired. He was also the first physician to provide a clear understanding of mastoiditis. The following medical terms are named after him: Bezold's abscess Bezold's mastoiditis: mastoiditis with perforation into the gigastric groove that creates a deep neck abscess. Bezold's sign: indication of descending mastoiditis Bezold's test: method of testing deafness by use of a tuning fork Bezold's triad: Three symptomatic indications of otosclerosis: 1. diminished aural perception of low frequency tones, 2. retarded bone conduction, 3. negative Rinne test Bezold-Edelmann continuous scale: A series of tuning forks along with Galton's whistle or monochord, in which all perceptible notes can be heard in continuous sequence. Named along with physician Adolf Edelmann (1885-1939}. References Friedrich Bezold @ Who Named It Persondata Name Bezold, Friedrich Alternative names Short description Date of birth February 9, 1842 Place of birth Date of death October 5, 1908 Place of death This article about a German person in the field of medicine is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v • d • e